What a weekend!

Feb 16, 2009

  Well, Friday started off really good and ended not so good foodwise. I did well with my food until the Valentine cookies arrived. I had 5 of the cookies. They were sugar cookies with sprinkles. You know what’s really funny? I didn’t enjoy them. I just wanted to have them. I wasn’t even hungry. This has got to stop. Well having those cookies just opened a flood gate for me for the rest of the weekend. Saturday again started of good and then I had 4 gummy bears, then 4 more, then a small handful until they were all gone. Then it was an ice cream sandwich. I don’t even like ice cream. What the heck? Sunday, it was the mixed nuts and more mixed nuts and more mixed nuts. That was a lot of fat and salt. I had a 3 hour drive on Monday and I stopped for coffee (which I don’t like) and I had 8 mini chocolate donuts. In between all that I ate my meals like I should. 1 ½ cups of food, no fluid ½ hour before and after meal.   Well much to my surprise this morning I’m down 2lbs. Go figure. Anyway, this morning, Tuesday, I’m back on track. Here’s what I had for breakfast…1 ½ cups Cherrios. 

It’s just after lunch now. I had a chili bread bowl from Quiznos and the last 3 Valentine cookies. There’s Valentine chocolate candy everywhere in this office, but I don’t want any.  I feel I’ve done well with my eating today. Not perfect, but o.k.

I know I can do this

Feb 12, 2009

Ok, so today started off really good. I'm down 2lbs since yesterday, but us veternan dieters know that's just water weight. I'll take what I can get right now. Here's what I've had to eat so far today:

Breakfast - 1 banana, 1/2 cup grits, 1 Jimmy Dean sausage
Snack - banana
Lunch - 1/2 cup beef tips, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes, 1/2 cup spinach
Snack - 4 oz. cottage cheese with 2 tsp grape jelly (I needed something sweet)

I have dance practice tonight. I joined this dance group on Sunday. This is my first practice with them. I'm really looking forward to dancing. I'll let you know how that goes. I need to figure out what I'm going to eat before practice. I don't plan on eating anything afterward. I'm also going to hit the gym after practice and do my weight workout. But first I have to watch Grey's Anatomy and E.R. This is when I wish I had TiVO.  I won't get to the gym until after 11pm, but that's ok. I am going to get there. I'll update you when before I go to bed tonight.

I had 1/2 a southwest grilled chicken salad from McDonald's for dinner and 1 banana. This was before 2 1/2 hours of dance practice, which by the way, tired me out. Of course during practice I drank water. Afterward I had about 2 tbsp. of cashews. I didn't make it to the gym, I was way too tired.


Back in the saddle AGAIN!! - geez

Feb 11, 2009

It's been almost a year since I've written anything!  Where am I today? No where.  Why? Because I haven't followed ANY of the band rules. Do I have restriction? Yes.  Do I drink before and after a meal? Yes. Do I exercise? Barely.

Well, today all that is changing (well actually tomorrow since it's already 8:15pm here in Virginia).  I will be posting daily with my food consumption and exercise. I will not drink 1/2 hour before a meal or 1/2 hour after a meal. I will consume 1 cup of food. I will eat my protein first and then my veggies. I will let you know when I haven't lived up to my end of the bargain. I'm sure I'll have my set backs, but I've got to keep moving toward my goal. My goal for 12 March is to be 10lbs lighter. Just 10lbs.

Today I am 251lbs. On surgery day, 20 March 2007, I was 270lbs. I'm ashamed to write that, but it's out there now. I have no excuses. I've let life get in my way and haven't taken care of me. I have all the tools I need. I have the lapband, I have a gym membership. The gym is across the street from my house and open 24 hrs.  I'm single and my children are grown.  I come home from work and say "I'm too tired to go to the gym."  Well, no more!  I'm declaring war on my fat!!

So here's the exercise plan...I do aerobics Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Either a class, treadmill or elliptical trainer. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is weight training. Sunday I will walk outside for 1/2 hour.  I will make my meals, measure them out and take them to work. I've got to do this. I WILL STOP EATING WHEN I AM FULL. I WILL NOT EAT IF I'M NOT HUNGRY. Head hunger has been a challenge in the past, but I've got to find a way to conquer it.  So please check back every day to see how I'm doing and what's going on in my life. I will write about other things besides my weight loss.

I'm working on becoming a Doula and I'm sitting for my Certified Professional Secretary test in April. More about all that later.  I'm going to the gym tonight to get my aerobic workout in. I can start that today.

Until tomorrow.......

11:35pm - I'm back from the gym. I walked/ran for 1.75 miles. It took me 32 and some odd minutes. Tomorrow I will post my before pic.

A shower and then bed.  Goodnight

Wednesday - 28 May

May 28, 2008

Today was about the same as yesterday. Thought I was going to exercise tonight but that didn't happen.

Starting over

May 27, 2008

OK I'm not sure if I have another entry with this subject.  I had my second fill about 2 weeks ago. Now I have 2cc in my 10cc band. I do have restriction. I had restriction before this fill. I don't feel any different. Anyway, the reason for this subject "starting over" is because I've been eating around my restriction. My expectation was that I would be perfect once I got a fill, but I need to deal with a lot of head hunger. I'm eating when I'm not hungry. The reason I stopped posting is because I've been too embarrassed. My goal is to post every day whether it's been a good or bad day. Today was a fairly good day after an out of control weekend. Breakfast was a protein shake. Lunch was 1/2 cup chicken salad and a few bites of fruit. I ate the rest of the chicken salad and fruit for dinner. My goal is to eat dinner before I leave work – around 5pm. The problem I found today is that I'm hungry around 10pm. My daughter brought home the last remnants of her Cold Stone ice cream. It was about 4 teaspoons left. I ate that and the waffle cone. Then I had 3 handfuls of nacho chips. You may read that and think, “goodness that was a lot.” The good thing is that I stopped. Tomorrow will be a challenge because we have a breakfast meeting at 8am. I’ll let you know how I did.

Today is my bandiversary

Mar 20, 2008

I've lost 20lbs in a year. Geez. Granted I did have all the kidney issues last year, but now that is over and done with.  I have been exercising with the FIRM DVDs faithfully according to their schedule for two weeks. I feel like I have a grip on myself and will be able to lose at a steady pace now. I weigh every Friday evening at the hospital where I work part time. I hope to see a drop this week. Next year I'll be able to post that I'm 100lbs. down. See ya soon...

Monday update - 1:40PM

Mar 17, 2008

Didn’t I say in the post below that I was going to start eating quality food this week? Geez, what the heck is wrong with me? Someone sent me a PM and gave me a swift kick in the pants and told me to stop sabotaging myself (thank you QwnBee2007).  But once again, I did sabotage myself. Today I’ve had 1719 calories in CANDY!!!!! I haven’t eaten anything else. Please let me stop this madness!! I haven’t eaten anything else today. I did get my workout in last night (thank God!).  I did the FIRM express version of Hard Core Fusion.  I’m so disappointed in myself. I need to start thinking before I eat. I know I can do this. I have this great tool and I’m not using it. I’m eating around it. Honestly, I wasn’t hungry when I ate all that candy. So as of right now, I’m eating like I’m banded.  Because guess what? I AM BANDED, dang it. More later…

Weekly weigh in -- No change

Mar 15, 2008

Why is there no change in my weight you might ask? Because I've been eating cookies like there's no tomorrow. Here's a prime example. I had a whole box of Girl Scout Thin Mints today. Yep, a whole box. In one day!!! So, even though I'm exercising, this whole cookie thing is canceling it out.  Saturday I didn’t get my workout in because I had very little sleep. I will get that workout in today (Sunday) even though it’s a rest day.  I’m very disappointed in myself. I have a little restriction.  I threw up some chicken Friday night. That’s the second time I threw up.  My plan for the week is not to eat unless I’m hungry; to eat quality food and to continue my exercise plan.  This is why I like the band…I can start over again and again. Until next time.


Weekly weight

Mar 09, 2008

I went up 5lbs this week.  Why? One word...PEANUT BUTTER. Ok, that's two words.  I also ate cashews. I know those are high in fat too. So this week, back to basics. I'm up to 255 again. Good news. I got my FIRM DVDs and did the first workout today. I'm looking foward to working out this week. I'm going and must make time to do this. I also must make time for getting into my Word and praying. If I can make time to workout, I MUST make time to spend with the Lord.  I'm going to be very diligent with my eating this week. No more peanut butter. I have a container of unsalted mixed nuts in my desk drawer at work. Once I finish those, no more. I'll see how much a serving is and eat only one serving a day. I still need to up my water intake especially on the weekends.  I started using SparkPeople.com again, but I just don't like writing down what I eat.  But I'm going to try it again this week and take it one day at a time. I'd like to be down to 235 by my next fill which is 18 April. I'm going to take my measurements and post.  Until next time...

Band is working

Mar 05, 2008

I’m not usually very hungry at night. Last night was no exception. I do try to eat a little protein.  Well, my daughter had left over quesadillas from Applebee’s. I warmed up two as my dinner. I ate one just fine.  I took a bite of the 2nd one and started chewing. I didn’t swallow any of it, but I got this “I’m going to throw up” sensation.  I spit out what was in my mouth and threw everything away.  I was still feeling nauseous for about an hour. Not sure what that was about, but I know I shouldn't be throwing up cause that would not be good for the band. It did stop me from eating. I love this band.

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