A long journey to sleeve surgery

Dec 21, 2014

I am 10 weeks post gastric sleeve surgery...My journey started last January 2014 when I went to a doctor for the first time in five years because I didn't have health insurance. I got medicare through social services, United Health care. I had gotten heavy and weighed 216 lbs. but didn't realize I had diabetes and high blood pressure. I didn't feel any symptoms, I felt good. Nevertheless he started me on 500mg Metformin 2x a day and Enalapril 40 mg once a day. He did a routine blood test and found high liver enzymes...later a sonogram showed I also had fatty liver disease. The Metformin made me sick for weeks...I hated taking it, I switched to time released and wasn't sick anymore. I was determined to find a doctor to do sleeve surgery. I called United and they didn't have anyone to refer me to. I actually called the doctor who eventually did my surgery but at the time I called her she wasn't taking any new patients. Three months went by and I finally found a doctor in about a two hour drive away but I was willing to go the distance because I was desperate. I scheduled an appointment for May 3rd...but a few days before the appointment I got a call from a specialist at United Health Care who said Dr. Majid in Newark NJ would take me. I saw her May 19th and began the process. My Primary Care Dr. was very difficult and wanted to repeat every test before he would sign referrals, so I fired him and went to a Dr. in St.Michael's Hospital where I had my surgery. That was the best decision to keep the process moving. I had to go through many tests like cardio stress test, sleep study,pulmonary test blood tests and H-Pylory biopsy before the surgery was scheduled for July 23rd. I had a two month delay because I found out I had esophogitis and gastritis...I was worried and disappointed. I took Omeprazole and had to repeat the endoscopy but then I was approved I had my surgery on October 7. I lost 5 pounds per week the first month but then stalled and went up and down 1.5 lbs during the pureed food stage when I was only eating 3 oz. of protein like egg whites, cottage cheese and pureed chicken with two Bariatric Advantage Shakes per day. I was only eating 650 calories per day but stopped losing. I dropped one shake and lost another 6 pounds this week. Obviously I can't drop any more calories, but I am happy and relieved to be losing again this week. My biggest fear is that I will fail. I weighed 198 on the day of surgery and 172 Lbs now.

 My A1C was 8.9 after surgery it is now 5.5  My blood sugar was 230+ now it is 80-90 I am no longer diabetic nor do I have high blood pressure both are below normal now.




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