Working On

wear pants with non-elastic waists

1 working on · 1 achieved
Working On

weigh less than 200 lbs !

34 working on · 17 achieved
Working On

be able to travel and camp easily

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Working On

buy tops without worrying that the sleeves will be too tight

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Working On

Get rid of my cpap machine

108 working on · 61 achieved
Working On

wear clothes that are not plus size!

28 working on · 11 achieved
Working On

exercise an hour a day

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Working On

get my med list down to something less than Anna Nicole Smith's

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Working On

Be able to do fall Orientation comfortably

1 working on · 0 achieved · Target goal date: 9/15/2007

Get off of my diabetes medication

3 working on · 5 achieved
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