Mar 16, 2007

I can't believe it, one day I received the call saying Dr. JB was having difficulty getting me approved and 4 days later I'M start my clear liquids tomorrow...I can't wait!!

A newbie joins the world of weight loss surgery!!

Jan 13, 2007

Yeah.... so I did it! I've made my appointment with Dr. JB of Muhlenberg Hospital, met him and his staff and was so impressed, and now have started the slew of visits to all the's funny I went to the PCP and she couldn't believe I would consider it, guess I'm too 'skinny' in her eyes, go figure...she is a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I've tried Weight Watchers and believe in it's concept but I didn't lose much weight with it, and not for lack of trying.  Looking back in my life, I was never a 'fat' child, I hate that word fat, it's sooo negative, but I will use it this once, I was a solid kid, but still I heard the jokes and the teasing, go figure, I recall hitting puberty at the age of 9 and that's when it all started, I started putting on the pounds and saw all sorts of specialists since I wasn't 'normal' I took ballet classes and what not and was always so flexible, no matter how I looked...then college, egads, freshman way in heck, so that's what I remember the most in struggling with my's been uphill the entire way, I think I was finally making some improvement with my weight until three years ago, I slipped and fell on the job, injuring my back, frankly, my life hasn't been the same since....I fell into a depression feeling trapped and fustrated since I couldn't do much without popping pills and going on countless doctor's visits, that is what has made me hit my highest weight of 242, and with herniated discs, not a good thing.  I belong to a Catholic Singles site ( and we have a private ladies only room and the ladies started discussing issues with their weight and how difficult it is to meet a man that will love you for you..not the size of your butt (ok, so I'm blunt!)....and that's where I found out how many of my lovely friends had gastric bypas or some sort of WLS...that's what peaked my interest the most and I started asking questions and that's how I found THIS website...I'm so thankful to them and to the new friends I've met here and will hopefully meet at the coming support meetings.  So this is CHAPTER 1 of MY ADVENTURES OF MY WLS JOURNEY.

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A newbie joins the world of weight loss surgery!!