Oct 08, 2016

Well, I have been up and down for a bit now, and I do not plan on weighing myself too often as I am trying not to psych myself out if the numbers arent what I want.

I am more consistently writing down water and food breaks, this week I am really going to push that.  I am also planning on joining a gym, something I wouldnt have been able to do last year.  I am still mobility challenged but for $9.99 a month I get one, one hour session with a personal trainer who I hope will put me on the right track. 

So, then plan to break the barrier is to keep the defined meal/water breaks making sure that I eat and then have water intake for a few hours before eating again.  I think the frequent meals/snacks were due to eating things like jello, and pistachios which werent protein dense leaving me feeling unsatisfied. (so also need more protein rich snacks) Food journaling is key, I will keep up with that, start wearing my FITBIT, Keep the house tidy so that it doesnt depress me (not easy with teen boys!), and work out at least 3 times a week to start. :)

I am very excited and I do not want to let FEAR run me as it has my whole life.  I am already stressed about male attention when it comes my way and I worry about being attractive or thinner due to my inability to protect myself if need be. I was already injured a few weeks ago when I went out and an older man wouldnt take NO for an answer when he asked me to dance.  My knee was out for two weeks and my back still feels tweaked. (I can do forward motion but not standing in place, dancing is above the level im at currently)

My goal hopefully by next summer is to be fit enough to enroll in the kickboxing class so that I can learn to defend myself and hopefully rid myself of the "need" for this protective fat suit. Mentally I have done all the work with my therapist, now I think when I can physically feel confident in protecting myself it will go a long way toward relieving that stressor. :)


Hope everyone is doing great.  I feel like I am losing again, and I am just going to keep up what I am doing and try not to worry about my numbers or watch other people's numbers as this is NOT a competition. (but man, do guys lose fast or what?? lol)



Sep 27, 2016

I was doing great about 20 pounds down a month when suddenly I was only losing a few here and there and some weeks even going up one. :(

I posted the question to see what others might have to say and it seems that my protein is low! BINGO!! Finances were horrible and I wasnt getting enough veggies or my protein count in so I was constantly hungry, worrying that my sleeve was ruined, in a horrible mood all the time, mood swings you name it.
I started right back to almost no carbs a day and although I am having the sleepies which I also get going back to basics, I know that i'm already feeling better and I was hardly hungry at all today.  My sleeve worked tonight when I was eating dense protein, suddenly I was full and couldnt eat anymore. YAY!!

Started my new job today, first job I have had in 10 years.  Difficulty with this is NO eating or drinking at all in the vehicle so in four hours that is a lot of time with no food or water, I was very dehydrated today.Other than that it was amazing to feel like I had a purpose.  I made myself get up and "get ready" this means not just throwing clothing on but actually getting ready and looking presentable with makeup and all. So far, so good.  I dont think its probably a forever type deal because its not much for supporting a family but its totally a step in the right direction being back in the workforce again. :)

And..after a few weeks of not feeling good I finally pushed and made church on Sunday.  So this was a week of beginnings that will after time be new positive life patterns. 55 modified situps today!! Im getting there, and this was at 6am...so totally happy I made it.

love to all the losers out there :)  God bless :)




Weigh in

Sep 16, 2016

I am down 3.2 this week and finally closing in on the 200 pounds down since last year...that will include pre-surgery and post surgical weight loss.  I am 6 pounds away from that next goal!! After that I will be 29 pounds from the 200s!!!
So really looking forward to the 200s, and being able to buy clothes, exercise more, have fun.  Today I went to a plus sized mens store and got a few items which was nice because I wasnt needing to buy SUPER sized clothing.  I wasnt even in plus anymore at my highest weight I was buying super sized clothing which sucked. Looking forward to trying to do this part time job of driving!

Lots going on, more later its late....

New weight something like 334.8 :)



Sep 10, 2016

August started out being an excellent month of weight loss!  I was thrilled with the results and was an all time low for weight.  Then I had my sons graduation, two near fires in just one week in our house, fire dept called the board of health, house was condemmed (upon an upcoming meeting) and the weight started coming back. :(  Add to that being stressed about finances and almost everything in near shut off and Im losing hair and gaining weight.  I had lost over 10 of my pledged 20 for the month of August and ended up gaining 9 of that back. 

As of this mornings weigh-in, I have relost all of that weight plus .2. :) The house is being worked on almost daily and Im trying to keep up with rest, waters, and vitamins to slow the hair loss which is significant when stressed. New lowest weight is now 338.2. Happy to be back in the land of the losing, last week's lost was 1 pound, so four pounds down in the past two weeks.  I had pledged 15 for this month, hoping for good numbers in the next two weeks. 
Prayers appreciated for job opportunities with my limited abilities and a solution to the finances. :) Thanks all for your continued kindness and support on my journey! :)


Weigh-in day!

Aug 04, 2016

I weighed in with another 5.6 down for a total loss this week of 8.8 pounds.  My scale is digital and within a tenth of accuracy but because I shake when standing it was wavering between 333 and the 340 so I took the high number for now. I cant wait to get this next 40 pounds off!!! Knowing that I started in the 500s and I am now so dang close to being in the 200 range I just cant believe it.  I am only 6 months into this journey, having lost the 60 pounds before surgery, now I have lost 128.8 pounds in that time....awesome!! I still have a few weeks in August to KICK SOME BUTT!!

Hope all my friends are doing well!! :) Happy Saturday!! :)



Jul 24, 2016

Weighed in this am at 349.2!!! I broke the 350s! YAY!!! That is a loss this week of 9.2 pounds, IM BACK!!!!

Thankful that I am moving and losing.  Back is a pretzel this morning so I think that in an effort to strengthen and loosen up the muscles I am going to try some beginner Tai Chi at home.  I will watch some videos and then do any moves I can, standing as long as I can trying to build up strength and endurance. :)  I will post again soon on that.

For August I am in on a challenge (in a weight loss group I have run on social media for 12 years) where you pledge what you want to lose for the month, and go for it gung ho with other members pledging their weight loss.

So, a newer member pledged 20 pounds for August...pretty much unheard of, most people pledge between 5-10 pounds. Of course my competitive side showed up and I was like ME TOO, LOL. So, we will see but for August I am journaling every single day, tracking vitamins daily, taking the time to enjoy the CHEW, and tracking protein, and of course trying to have xtra movement 3x a day.  Wish me the best.  Hoping all of you out there are doing amazing!! Much love :)



Jun 10, 2016

So yes, real life hit and I did eat a few summer foods that werent what I would put as a priority.  Not that I wasnt eating my protein daily, it was just that at a family function or if I had a craving I was probably eating a few more carbs than I wanted to in a day or a week even.  What I saw was a definite stall and I had to take a hard turn back to working the food journal at least a few times a week! Watching that I got in MORE waters, eating a smaller amount at night, a smaller amount at each meal, cooking in bulk again, shopping smart, and adding in MOVEMENT.  Now my goal is to have movement sessions of quality 3 times a day to fill out the sheet that my exercise coach gave me. Yesterday I did really well pushing my mobility and when I weighed in this morning I could see that my efforts had paid off. Im not sure of my lowest weight here, but I had gone back up to about 366 which was disappointing because I really wanted to break through to the 350s by the end of this month! I want to make EFFECTIVE progress each and every month.  The only way to make effective progress is to work the program!
So after putting my body back in the proper low carb/high protein setting I am celebrating a loss of 7.6 pounds! Funny I was at my moms last night and she noticed and I brushed it off as toning up until I stepped on the scale this morning!! :)
So, my goal of being in the 350s is realized now a t 358.4, now my goal is to crash through that hopefully by months end!! :) 
Looking forward to new challenges and new heights!! 
With God all things are possible, right? :)



May 13, 2016

I really thought I was either at a plateau or that I was stalling.  I was so worried about gaining..and after weighing in I am just saying that WOW does the mind play tricks!!

I am down to 386 pounds.  A loss of 12.4 pounds from my last weigh in! I dont know what I am doing but I am going to KEEP doing it!! MORE water, MORE moving, MORE healthy snacks!! YAY, to the p3 snacks that have kept me sane during times when I wanted things I couldnt have!! (right next to the lunchables in most stores!) 

Back to tracking food as much as possible, this is one happy camper!! 30 pounds to my next goal!! I would love to hit that in the next six weeks! :)  Going to UP my game!

Listen...if this 528 pound chick can get her head out of her butt, lose 60 pounds to qualify from surgery, and then be successful even though im a single mom of three teens that live on pizza...you can do this too!! 

Love to you all!! :)


YES!!!! So happy!!!

May 02, 2016

I am only 30 pounds heavier than when I met my husband in 1997!!  I started this journey at 528 and today I weighed in at 398.4!! A loss of 130 pounds since last July, and 70 pounds since WLS on 2/8/2016! So if you look at the 12 weeks its about 5.8 pounds down a week!! :) 

I wont lie, every day is still a struggle to make sure you are eating the right things, enough, hitting the protein mark (65g a day or more), and trying to get some kind of exercise in. But when you see results its ALL worth it!! I worry so much about my sleeve stretching and not working.  I worry that I will be stuck in the same spot forever because with all the yo-yo dieting I did, that was my past result.  I would work really hard, do everything I am doing now, hit a certain amount of weight down and then I couldnt break past it.

I hope this post cheers someone up, shows everyone if someone like me at 528 pounds who is in a wheelchair can lose, than you can too.  Lots of love and hugs out to my fellow losers!!!


Week 10

Apr 20, 2016

Not a bad week.  I am making changes as I was losing WAY TO SLOWLY for someone who just had surgery at least IMHO. So, I looked at what I was doing and checked to see what I could fix.  I was not drinking enough water, I was not weighing all my food, I was eating things that were too greasy and shouldnt be considered for a new patient and I was not exercising enough.

Changes this week... Food logging every meal, exercising as often as possible, weighing meals, and upping my water.  Already feeling better and I hope it shows up on the scale when I weigh in next.  The last weigh in was four pounds in three weeks which did not make me happy.  I hope to double that amount in the next three weeks so we are shooting for eight pounds in three weeks!!!

I am also active in a few support groups and I think that is helping, I am making "to do" lists so I am getting much more accomplished on a daily basis which is lowering my stress level.  I am attending church much more regularly which is lifting my spirits and helping me feel like I have something of value to share with others.  So all in all things are going well. :)

Not thrilled with life yet but not wanting to jump off a cliff in dispair so I call that a win, LOL.


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