May 13, 2016

I really thought I was either at a plateau or that I was stalling.  I was so worried about gaining..and after weighing in I am just saying that WOW does the mind play tricks!!

I am down to 386 pounds.  A loss of 12.4 pounds from my last weigh in! I dont know what I am doing but I am going to KEEP doing it!! MORE water, MORE moving, MORE healthy snacks!! YAY, to the p3 snacks that have kept me sane during times when I wanted things I couldnt have!! (right next to the lunchables in most stores!) 

Back to tracking food as much as possible, this is one happy camper!! 30 pounds to my next goal!! I would love to hit that in the next six weeks! :)  Going to UP my game!

Listen...if this 528 pound chick can get her head out of her butt, lose 60 pounds to qualify from surgery, and then be successful even though im a single mom of three teens that live on can do this too!! 

Love to you all!! :)


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