Sep 30, 2010

 Im not real good about checking my OH cause my life is so hectic right now but want some more WLS friends so feel free to add me on facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000873340890 I've currently lost 130 pounds down from 274 to 144. I want to lose about 5 to 10 more pounds but dont know if that will happen without the help of plastics. I never knew how having surgery could mess with your head so bad, Im greatful for my surgery and I know it saved my life but I wish they tell you the not so pretty details prior to surgery. I was never told my hair would fall out in clumps like I had cancer, how food becomes very overwhelming and almost an obsession after or how I would not be able to see the weight loss because my mind still hasnt caught up with my body. I know I have Body dysmorphic disorder and it is something Im still really stuggling with on a daily basis. I think I liked myself more when I was morbidly obese and now am really struggling with hating my body. I feel like I wont be happy until I can get the plastics that I need. Id love to hear from people struggling with the same issues because any advice would be appreciated:)Hope everyone is healthy,happy and  losing, maintaining or wherever you are on your journey. I know its a constant fight but we can do it

One Year Out!

Jul 18, 2010

I just celebrated my one year anniversary! Crazy to think that I went from a size 22, 2-3xl shirts at 274 lbs. to a size 9 M-L size shirt at 157 lbs.(yes I said 9 single digit!omg never been one of those!) For a total of 117 lbs lost in a year! I hope I can get off another 20 lbs to be about 140 but if not I am happy! This surgery saved my life and thats what I did it for not the number on the scale. Hopefully Ill get a full body shot up soon 


6 months out

Jan 23, 2010

Its crazy to think I've lost 80 lbs. in only 6 months. I still need to lose about 55 or so more lbs. I hope I can reach my goal of 140 and hopefully by one year. I know its only gonna get harder from here. But its still amazing to see my transformation this far. I posted pictures if you care to look. C:


I got my Christmas wish

Dec 22, 2009

I had set my own personal goal for myself to be out of the 200's by Christmas. This last week I slacked off and didn't go to the gym for a week because of finals and a cold and I have been snacking on cookies and things I shouldn't be eating because its around the holiday. However today when I stepped on the scale at the gym it read 199! I'm officially out of the 200's forever and could not be any happier. That was what       I needed to get my butt back in gear and stop that holiday snacking! I am so glad I had this surgery and that this year I'll actually be able to    keep my new years resolution and lose weight! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays everybody!


my virtual model lol

Dec 07, 2009

 I wish you could do something like this with your own body and face. I cant even imagine what I'll look like once I've reached my goal weight. Lately it feels like I'll never get to my goal weight. I'm almost 5 months out now and Its scarying me that I can eat more. I get hungrier more and I'm snacking more which I know is bad. Does anyone have tricks on feeling fuller longer or just what I can do that might help? My own mini personal goal for myself is to be 200 or below by Christmas. The scale at my gym says 203/204 but I think its a little lower (maybe by 2 or pounds) than the scale at my doctors which I go by. I just need to eat healthier and I'm sure I can make my goal. I just feel hungry a lot more now and I hate it. I don't want to fail.Ive come this far and had this surgery I don't want to mess this up. I want this to work for me.


cleaning out my closet

Dec 04, 2009

So I cleaned out about 5 bags of clothes from my closet to give to the salvation army.Im not even finished I still havent gone through my fat jeans yet. I kept on holding on to my favorite shirts from torrid or favorite pj pants from oldnavy loveee them but then I realized I was being dumb..I cant wear them Id look rediculous and I dont need them in my closet..that just might give me an excuse to gain all my weight back.I wish there was a plus size consienment or used clothing store I could give all my cute stuff too.Some of my clothes Ive never worn or only worn once or twice. So goodbye my favorite animal print and cute clothes from torrid and goodbye my comfy pjs and pants from old navy.Im alittle sad to let you go lol Whoever you end up with out there will be styling.haha

Lost 50 pounds!

Oct 09, 2009

I thought I'd give an update..Ive lost 50 lbs and im not even 3 months out yet!(three months on the 16th) So happy! I need to start excersising though Ive been bad about that. Also I havent lost my diabetes..Im afraid having pancreatitis the two times i did might have killed my pancreas once and for all and now I have diabetes for life.

eating out for the first time

Aug 08, 2009

So I went out to this mexican restaurant for the first time since having surgery. I feel like im even more obessed with food now. I watched all these people eat and it made me sick to my stomach just seeing how fast and how much people really eat. I had a few bites of beans and a few bites of soup and I felt like I was going to throw up like I over did it. It hurt really bad and It felt like my stomach was up in my chest. super uncomfortable:C Then all the waiters were asking me why I wasnt eating. Does this always happen? Its kind of annoying then I have to tell the whole world that I had surgery.I hope eating out gets better cause it sucked I hated watching people, the questions and feeling like i was gonna puke the whole time.Im pretty miserable and regretting this as of right now. 

Gaining Weight

Jul 24, 2009

Not me... Wow usually I can't ever say that haha I just had dachshund puppies 2 weeks ago and today there eyes finally opened! They are so cute! I just thought I'd share the cutness!

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First Post-Op

Jul 22, 2009

So today was my one week post op! Down 14 pounds! It probably was all water weight but I felt good and it got me more motivated! I asked my Doctor about Protein and he told me that I don't need to use protein powder or have shakes?What do your Dr's say I was sort of stunned when he said that.Also when did you all start taking Biotin for hair loss, did it help? because I wont stop bleaching my hair! No way I love being Blonde!I can start my soft foods now I think I might go back to liquids for a couple meals a day just for a month or so. But yay food! I got a pintos and cheese no sauce from Taco Bell and ate the whole thing for lunch tho. Is that a normal serving size for a meal because I felt Like i was eating to much and I am freaking out alittle.Well advice and answers would be appreciated I feel so alone and I don't know anyone who's had this to talk to!

One Last thing..I discovered this Chefs bog that had the surgery and I am so excited to start cooking once I get on normal foods. She turned all these amazing recipes into healthier foods for us post ops! Awesome! I know I won't miss food!I just  her Blog! 
theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/  here are jsut a few things I cannot wait to make! Mini Protein Donuts(soo cute), Stawberry Cannoli(mmm), and sweet and savory tartlets.(yum)

Does anyone know of any other cool websites?
Sorry this is so long thanks for reading if you did!

Well that's all hope everyone has a great week!

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