First Post-Op

Jul 22, 2009

So today was my one week post op! Down 14 pounds! It probably was all water weight but I felt good and it got me more motivated! I asked my Doctor about Protein and he told me that I don't need to use protein powder or have shakes?What do your Dr's say I was sort of stunned when he said that.Also when did you all start taking Biotin for hair loss, did it help? because I wont stop bleaching my hair! No way I love being Blonde!I can start my soft foods now I think I might go back to liquids for a couple meals a day just for a month or so. But yay food! I got a pintos and cheese no sauce from Taco Bell and ate the whole thing for lunch tho. Is that a normal serving size for a meal because I felt Like i was eating to much and I am freaking out alittle.Well advice and answers would be appreciated I feel so alone and I don't know anyone who's had this to talk to!

One Last thing..I discovered this Chefs bog that had the surgery and I am so excited to start cooking once I get on normal foods. She turned all these amazing recipes into healthier foods for us post ops! Awesome! I know I won't miss food!I just  her Blog!  here are jsut a few things I cannot wait to make! Mini Protein Donuts(soo cute), Stawberry Cannoli(mmm), and sweet and savory tartlets.(yum)

Does anyone know of any other cool websites?
Sorry this is so long thanks for reading if you did!

Well that's all hope everyone has a great week!

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