eating out for the first time

Aug 08, 2009

So I went out to this mexican restaurant for the first time since having surgery. I feel like im even more obessed with food now. I watched all these people eat and it made me sick to my stomach just seeing how fast and how much people really eat. I had a few bites of beans and a few bites of soup and I felt like I was going to throw up like I over did it. It hurt really bad and It felt like my stomach was up in my chest. super uncomfortable:C Then all the waiters were asking me why I wasnt eating. Does this always happen? Its kind of annoying then I have to tell the whole world that I had surgery.I hope eating out gets better cause it sucked I hated watching people, the questions and feeling like i was gonna puke the whole time.Im pretty miserable and regretting this as of right now. 


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