cleaning out my closet

Dec 04, 2009

So I cleaned out about 5 bags of clothes from my closet to give to the salvation army.Im not even finished I still havent gone through my fat jeans yet. I kept on holding on to my favorite shirts from torrid or favorite pj pants from oldnavy loveee them but then I realized I was being dumb..I cant wear them Id look rediculous and I dont need them in my closet..that just might give me an excuse to gain all my weight back.I wish there was a plus size consienment or used clothing store I could give all my cute stuff too.Some of my clothes Ive never worn or only worn once or twice. So goodbye my favorite animal print and cute clothes from torrid and goodbye my comfy pjs and pants from old navy.Im alittle sad to let you go lol Whoever you end up with out there will be styling.haha


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