Lawrence Zachary

"Where do I begin to describe this amazing plastic surgeon and his assistant Kelly. Dr. Zachary truly appreciates the beauty of a woman’s body and all God created it to be. I am sure he is equally appreciative of men. He doesn’t lead you to unrealistic expectations and explains that while he can’t make you look like 16 again, he can make you better and bring you closer to what you were meant to look like and your new weight. Most patients are very pleased with the result. I am personally amazed! He is very careful to explain what he wants to do; how he will do it and why. Often we want to change things around because we have heard from others a better method or different combinations, but I assure you he knows exactly what is best for each individual. He is always willing to hear about other methods or thoughts and then explains why he feels his way is best for you. I have been more than pleased. His aftercare has been marvelous and he knows if you need to be tweaked! He is an advocate for the formerly obese and believes that plastic surgery is truly reconstructive surgery, the last portion of a renewing of one’s body and health. His staff will work with your insurance to attempt getting your surgery approved. His assistant Kelly is equally loving and professional and always ready to help you when needed. I would recommend Dr. Zachary to everyone! I would travel to have him do my surgery if I were not fortunate to have him here in Chicago. "

University of Chicago Hospitals

"I found the nurses to be wonderful in their care during my stay. The U of C is a research hospital and a training hospital, so you must be prepared for students to be looking, asking questions and probing. However, I found them to be very respectful and did what they were assigned without over stepping their boundaries."

John C. Alverdy

"Dr. Alverdy and his staff have been great. I am looking forward to proceeding with my surgery. "
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