MD apt update almost 33 wk more tests labs and rest

Oct 26, 2009

Monday I HAD MY MUCH anticipated OB apt. MY bp was elevated again 165/98 for a few days w/ severe off to maternity ward I WENT AGAIN for fetal monitoring, labs, rest and such..BP came down over 5 hrs so off I went home again with another 24 hr urine for proteint o do to rule out preeclampsai so far no swelling no wt gain in fouid and baby is great her heartrate is awesome she is an active girl head down as she should be in my pelvis and ultrasound shows her lookign great although she was not the most cooperative one for a bit! weighing in qt 5 pounds 8 onces she si a good size in 85 percentile they will watch me close now for gestational diabetes too due to her higher wt but good so far....I finish the urine around noon and tomorrow call office for results and next step. BP good this am and no headache yeah or swelling....