Past goal...138.8

Aug 26, 2009

My god has this been a wild day.  I have been going through all sorts of issues.  Mostly self inflicted crisis.  but, on the positive side, I stepped on the scale and I am 138.8.  Never expected to be this small.  I was this tiny when I was 19 and trying to join the service.  I wore a sz 9 levi.  I put on a size 6 at the gap the other day!  Absolutely amazing.  Just sucks that my personal life isn't looking as good as my exterior. 

Strenght training is now a must.  I have lost a lot of mass on my legs because i don't walk very much at all.  I also am not drinking enough water.  BAD BAD BAD. 

Also got this job oportunity with my old employer, but would have to move to DC.  Don't think I can do it considering my emotional status.  Got to seek some counseling for sure.  I'm going flippen insane!