2 year has come and gone and so has my marriage

Aug 09, 2010

Well, it's now official.  I filed for divorce.  I couldn't deal with the bs anymore.  I feel so much better about myself these days and I could not continue with being made to feel like crap for the rest of my life.  Thus, it is done and boy has it been ugly.  I've been doing good though as far as my health is concerned.  Making a concerted effort to eat my three meals a day.  Portion control.  I've started exercising again at my new apt complex as it has a free on-site gym.  I'm trying to make sure my girls are getting exercise and eating well as well when they are with me to pass along the importance of taking care of yourself.  Aside from feeling bombarded by hate from my soon to be ex, everytime I enter my old home, I'm doing ok.  I'm just trying to get through it.  I don't have a scale anymore...but I think I'm about 135 and I'm firming up quite quickly.  I've started taking a hair/nail vitamin supplement as well to see if that helps.  My hair is still thin, but no body notices it but me, it seems.  I found out I'm 20 percent fat, which is considered normal, but I'd like to reduce that a little bit and get my muscles nice and firm.  My friend Rob is entering a fitness challenge this weekend at the convention center.  I think it's great.  He looks fabulous.  I would like to get into that type of shape!  I am going to try to do my best to just stay fit and healthy.  :)  I will be the better for it.