3 year and 1 month

Aug 25, 2011

Well, I did it, plastic surgery.  Got it in April.  Took me until last month to feel like myself.  Total damage was close to 12 grand.  but, it's done.  and my belly looks great.  I'm about 138 - 140 now.  I dropped down to 125 for a while.  Stayed there for a few months actually, but i seem to like the high 130's.  Trying to lose some pounds and gain some muscles.  I bought the girls push scooter for sasha's birthday in May, and I have been using them now for a few months, i can definitely see a difference in my rear end. I'm still in a size 6 but the butt area is much more filled out.  I figure as long as I stay at my current size, I should be ok.  But it is much more difficult that I thought it would be.  I am happy that I am still slender, but I know it's not going to maintain itself without my help.  Seriously.  I'm going to have to work at it. 

As far as the hair goes, noticed it has started to fall out a bit again.  I have up'ed my protein recently, and wonder if it's because of the increase.  I just don't know.  But, it looks fine.  Never came back to the nice pure full head of hair I once had.  Funny how that works. 

In October, i will have been divorced a year.  Wow, how time flies.  Things are going ok with the ex.  he has a new girlfriend, who weighs about  270, i'm guessing.  Big girl.  Think my ex liked them that way and that's kind of why it all went down hill when I lost the weight.  He didn't feel comfortable that Iooked as good as I did. 

But, let's be honest here.  I love that I can look at something off the rack and know that it's going to look good on me.  I have a flat belly, I'm curvy in all the right places, I am at a healthy weight.  I look and feel great.  All worth it.  All worth it.