4 years and 2 months

Sep 23, 2012

Well...It's hard to believe, but it's true.  I'm over the 4 year mark and I've managed to keep the wieght off (minus 5 pounds - which I fluctuate).  I think I need to take a moment and be happy about this accomplishment.  Seems like I've been fussing about the "last ten pounds" for a year or two now.  Thinking my body is just happy where it is.  Took me having to dig up this blog and look at how far I've really come.  And...smile for a moment.

So, Let's see...4 years.  Body is feeling good.  Hair is still an issue.  Decided to dye it, and well,..it looks the same, but more glossy and less grey..ha!  Am taking a multi vitamin specificially for hair.  Just started about 3 weeks ago.  Also started back up on the sublingual B-12 vitamins.  I think it's making a difference in energy...won't know about the hair for a few months, I'm assuming.  Pity that my hair never rebounded.  It's long, but very thin.  :(

Body has recovered from the plastic surgery as well...except the scars on my arms are still pretty unslightly.  Getting used to it though.  The tummy tuck looks great and I don't regret that at all.  I like being able to wear a bikini and not give a crap....  stretch marks and all...it's still flat.

I'm back to seeing Ethan again... don't know if I ever really stopped.  He seems to like my body...from the thick to the thin....so I guess I shouldn't be bitching about that either...hahahhaha.

My 40th b-day is coming up.  Going on a cruise with my best friend in December.  I decided that I would really like to lose 10 pounds before that event....but it seems even at my lightest, I was only 133 pounds.  Thus, in actuality, i only need to drop like 8 pounds.  It seems that it is just as hard to loose a few pounds as it used to be before the surgery.  Sucks really.  I am really going to try to make a concerted effort.  I'd really be happy with 5 pounds.  Seems easy enough, but like I said, losing is a real challenge these days....for the past year, actually. 

Got to say, I am sooooo happy I got this surgery.... I'm coming into the 5 year mark...and I know I'm going to be my ideal weight for many years to come...hopefully til I die.  I feel much more comfortable with my body.  I still have some body issues that I recognize, however, being able to read back from this blog and viewing my weightloss journey though a graph,...well, it certainly tells a story that I need to reflect on and continue to move forward and grow.