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I, like many others, have been overweight just about my whole life. A pudgy child does not an attractive adult make! I was plump in high school, pudgy in college, overweight as a young adult and sit here now at 42 and morbidly obese. My weight yo-yo'ed a lot when I was younger, but has been pretty constant for 10 years or so.

I really never thought I would consider WLS, because I thought if I were a better person I'd be able to lose the weight through diet and exercise. Eat less, move more - sounds simple, but we all know that it is not that simple. I'm still grasping with the concept that asking for help from this tool is not a character flaw.

About a year and a half ago, my mom (who was also morbidly obese) had WLS. You see, at 60 she had been reduced to only going places where she could find a motorized scooter. She needed a double knee replacement that they wouldn't do until she lost weight. She lost the weight, had double knee replacement and a hip replacement and, while she is in less pain, still has to use an electric scooter.

I look at all my mom has been through, and I see my future. But I don't want to be 62 with the mobility issues she has had.....so I am now considering RNY surgery.

I did quite a bit of research online, as well as called a number of doctor's offices, and decided to use the Weight Loss Clinic at Baylor Hospital - Irving. I've met several post-op patients at their monthly support group, and feel like I prepared for this step (or as prepared as I'm going to be without going through it).

I'm in the "jumping through hoops" for the insurance phase of my journey, and worry that I won't be approved by the end of the year (as that is when my insurance no longer covers WLS). I have worked to remain optimistic, placing it all in God's hands.

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