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"Horizons could not have treated me or my family any better. Everyone that I worked with from administration to walking me to my car was very caring and professional. Horizon is an excellent choice for bariatric surgery."

Gustavo Huerta

"My first impression of Dr. Huerta was. \"I will have to listen closely to him so I understand him because of his accent.\" It didn't take long to understand him completely and he made me feel comfortable enough, that I could ask questions if I didn't understand.rnThe staff on the Bariatric program could not have been any better. No page was left unturned. They jumped through hoops to make my journey as easy as possible. I have never been made to feel so special as I have by the \"Solutions Bariatric Staff\" and \"Dr. Huerta. I hope to be a voice of the future for both Dr. Huerta and the bariatric program at Horizons Medical Center in Dickson. Just as important as my surgery was the pre-op and post-op care. When I went to seminars at other facilities, I noticed that they only concentrated on the surgery itself. The surgery, while a significant part, is only a part. It is essential that I work for weeks before and years after to get the most out of the surgery and this program and Dr. Huerta never drop the ball. rnWith any surgery, there are risk. Obviously bariatric surgery is a major choice. I knew my risk every step of the way. I want to point out that Dr. Huerta takes additional steps to be thorough and safe. For example, even though a tool places more than enough staples to close openings that are made, Dr. Huerta also stitches those openings. This is an extra step he doesn't have to do, but he does anyway for the best possible success. rnI am absolutely certain that Dr. Huerta is the best choice for the surgery I had. I have the highest respect for him and would recommend him over any other Bariatric surgeon.rnPlease remember that this is a life style change. The surgery, the stay in the hospital and the before and after care are all an equal part of it. Each part is equally important and should be taken seriously.rnDr. Huerta has my complete confidence and respect for helping me to uderstand that it isn't just about a surgery.....it is about getting my life back. Thank you."
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