I am 46 years old and I had been overweight for the last 22 years.  My climb from a fit and healthy person to a unfit, overweight person began after gaining the  50 lbs with my first pregnancy.  Over the years I had continued to gain weight until I hit my highest weight of 274 in Jan 2006.  I had thought of gastric bypass back in 2004 but just wasn't ready to take that step.  In Jan 2006 I realized that nothing I did was making a difference.  I had tried perscription drugs, Atkins, Curves, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers and a personal nutritionist to name a few, with the fun of yo-yo weight loss and gain.  So I spoke to my GP for the 3rd time about Gastric Bypass and he made me an appt with Dr Graber.

In Oct 2006, after meeting all the criteria and doing all the things expected of me I had my surgery.  I had a few bumps in the road, not drinking enough was my biggest problem also alot of nausea, but have had a very good exprience.  I followed my Dr's instructions to the letter.  I had decided that since I choose to take this road I was going to do everything I was told to and eat only what I was told to when I was told to.  I am now at 183 lbs  at 5 months post op.  I have dropped from a size 26 to a size 16 and have 35-40 lbs to meet my personal goal.  I have just recently rejoined Curves for the benifts of exersing and getting rid of the flabby muscles that have forgotten how to work.  I am so excited at my new body.  I feel so much better, can walk without chest pain or shortness of breath.  I can play with the kids again and actually now have a lap they can sit on without slipping off. 

My husband has been so supportive, and is constantly telling me how great I look and how he loves to look at me.  He was allways supportive of me and never made me feel bad about my weight, but I love hearing him tell me how great I look.  It is fun when my 10 year old hugs me and tells me how much farther his hands can go around me.  We started with him not being able to touch his fingers to being able to lock his hands together and still have room left over  :-) or when my 13 yr old picks me up...lol  My older kids have also been very supportive and my daughter Stacey (21) has gotten in the habit of singing to me the song "Staceys Mom has Got it Going On"  :-) 

I am so glad I made the choice I did.  I feel so much better and am able to do so much more than I did before.

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