2nd fill

Apr 09, 2009

I had my second fill yesterday and I needed it.  There was no restriction left from last time.  I knew I was eating more and getting hungry sooner so it was time.  This time they inserted too much fluid and had to have some removed.  I'm following the instructions better this time and staying on the liquids longer than I did before.  I should be below 200 this time next month!


First Fill

Mar 10, 2009

I had my first fill or adjustment yesterday.   It wasn't too bad.  My doctor doesn't disclose how much was inserted to keep people from comparing cc's to weightloss.  Everyone is different so I see his point.  I do have great restriction now so I am excited to start seeing the scales move again.  I was told some folks actually gain before the first fill so I felt good that the scale remained exactly the same since my last visit.  I did lose 2% body fat so I can't complain at all! 
My doctor does adjustments on 4 weeks so my next is on April 8th.

Hubby rolled his 18 wheeler

Feb 10, 2009

That title could be a country song but it's true.  My hubby called me at 3 am to let me know he jack knifed but was OK.  He shut down a major bridge into Chattanooga so it was all over the local news.  When he got home at 11 I took one look at his eye and told him he was going to the ER.  His lid was split in the crease and it needed at least to be glued.  Once at the ER they did a CT scan.  A little while later they came in with a neck brace (my thought was great he has whiplash and will milk it for days) but what he said was, you should have gone to the trauma unit this morning your neck is broke.  He then stated that he would order an ambulance to transport him to a trauma unit.  The shock was overwhelming.  Hubby, Marvin, joked he felt like he was in an episode of HOUSE, come in wanting stitches, leave with a broken neck,  After he was transported to trauma, they let us know that C7 was fractured but looked stable.  They are keeping him overnight and will decided in the morning if he needs surgery or just a brace.  Prayers and positive thoughts would be appreciated.
{{{{hugs}}}} Kay

Surgery went well

Feb 05, 2009

My surgery went well.  Of course I am sore but I am movin around.  Burping is painful, hope that is normal.  I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers.  I just love this place.  You people rock!

What a day

Jan 15, 2009

Well they removed the stint today, no anesthesia!  I am waiting for the pain killers to kick in. 
Saw a diabetic specialist today too.  My morning fasting surgars are over 200 so they put me on insulin.  Hopefully post surgery I won't need it anymore.  I think my sugars have been out of whack because I've been so sick with the kidney stones, UTI and the devil stint.  I just have to keep my numbers below 180 to meet my surgeon's  requirements. 

Reason number 43 to drink lots of water..... no more kidney stones.   

I'm tired of feeling bad and being Debbie Downer.  That is not who I am.
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Surgery Postponed

Jan 12, 2009

Well, what a crappy Monday.  My surgeon's office called to tell me that my labs were not good and I have to postpone my surgery to February 5th.  It seems my WBC was high, my blood sugars were too high and I have a UTI.  I knew about the UTI because of the stint and the kidney stone.  I go Thursday to the Diabetes Center to get my sugar down and I am taking Cipro for the infection.  I guess this is a blessing and I need the time to heal from the kidney stone ordeal.  On the bright side I am eating mexican tonight! (still making healthy choices).

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Liquid Diet

Jan 11, 2009

The liquid diet is still bearable.  The scale is moving in the right direction which is encouraging.  I am learning you find out who your real friends are.  Not everyone is happy that I am making changes to get healthy.  But it is their problem not mine.  I am not judging others in the choices they make but if my choices make them feel bad about themselves there is nothing I can do about it.  I can be tolerant for a time of my friends but if they can't support me I will have to drop them like my other bad habits. 

The Journey begins...

Jan 09, 2009

Well good ridens to 2008!  My year ended on a bad health note.  I had a kidney stone that litho did not break up enough.  A chunk of the stone got stuck and did damage to my ureter.  I had a stint placed in the ureter on Dec 23 and was hospitalized until Christmas day.  Since the stone was not moving I ended back at the hospital to have it taken out.  I have to keep the stint in until Jan 15.  This is not a pleasant experience.  I will definitely drink my 64 ounces of water every day to keep from getting another stone.  My last son weighed 10lbs at birth and was not as painful as this kidney stone. 

I have stage II liver diesase, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholestorol and metobolic syndrom.  I am looking forward to not taking 11 pills every morning.  I have started the liquid liver diet and will need to stay on it up to my surgery date of Jan 22nd.  I don't feel like cooking but I feel guilty for not cooking.  My family is very supportive.  My 16 year old son offered to go on the liquid diet with me.  Of course I said no.  He's 6'4' and not over weight. 

When I got my liver diagnosis I had to make major changes in my diet.  No red meat, no soda, nothing white, no dairy and nothing fried.  Again my family was very supportive and embraced my many ways of fixing turkey and chicken dinners.  My husband lost 30 lbs, my oldest son lost 10 lbs and I gained 5.  Life is not fair sometimes.  The lap band became my choice to get healthy.  Thank God my insurance company approved me on the first submission. 

Looking forward to an awesome 2009!!

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