I am a 36 yr. old mom that has been with the same man for 19 yrs. and married for 13 of those years.  We have two gorgeous kids that are 12 (yep their twins!!) One girl and one boy, and I love them to pieces!

My weight has been an issue since about the age of 14/15.  I was always the "big boned" girl! As the years passed I just became the fat girl.  I have been unhappy for years about my weight, and like everyone else on here, have tried everything.  So, surgery is my last chance....................

You get tired of hearing "but you have such a pretty face".  Well i don't care about my face, if i can't be happy with the rest of me, then that means nothing to me.  Everyone on my paternal side is morbidly obese ( 400lbs. plus) and I don't want to live my life like that.  I am an energetic, happy(except in my down days) person who likes to make people laugh and I'm losing all of that.  I am losing who I really am inside and out, quickly.  It's time to make positive changes, and I'm going to bring all of you for the ride!...................

 June 19,2007

Today is FAN-TAST-IC!!!     I was approved from OHIP!!!  Now waiting for my consult with Dr. L..............................

June 26th, 2007
I go for my consultation with Dr. L on Friday the 29th!!  Michigan here I come baby!!!
August 27th, 2007
16 more days until surgery!!!

June 2010
Its time i update.......
I am now almost three years out from surgery and down 162 lbs.!
Divorced  and now ready to look into the "plastic world"!!

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