Hey I'm Jay! Here's my story. I've been over weight pretty much all my life. I had to deal with my weight issue since I've been in elementary school. Pretty much tolerated all the kids making fun, and I'm sure most of you know the rest. Well, I really didn't let it get to me until after I graduated high school. I'm embarrassed to go shopping for clothes because most of the time I can't find anything my size. Or I'm just embarrassed because I have to shop at on line stores to find my size. I don't like eating out in a restaurant because i think everyone is looking at my fat. I've tried dieting and of course, that always seemed to fail. Finally, one day i was surfing TV channels, when I came across a lap band commercial. "Finally, I thought. Something to help me control my consumption of food." After researching for about two years, I finally made the decision to have the surgery. I also discovered this web site on the way.
I'm happy to say that I am finally on the road to a happier, healthier me! 

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Jan 06, 2008
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