Yay! 6 months

Oct 31, 2016

I've reached the 6-month mark and wow it has been a long time since I have done a blog entry. I've been enjoying life with my family! I truly didn't realize how big I was until I lost the weight. I feel so much lighter and happier and it is AMAZING not to be ruled by my hunger. Currently I am in a size 10/12 jeans and medium shirts. Before surgery I was wearing a very uncomfortably tight size 18 jeans and XXL shirt. So far I am down 85# (weighing 187.8#) since surgery in April 2016.I have some new mini-goals for myself that will hopefully make it easier to keep going to reach my ultimate goal of weighing 147#.

  1. 1. Lose 70% of my excess weight (-88#; weigh 185#) SO CLOSE !
  2. 2. Lose 80% excess weight and join Century Club! (-100#; weight 173#) by Dec. 31, 2016
  3. 3. Lose 90% excess weight (-113; weigh 160# )
  4. 4. Lose 100% excess weight. Goal weight 147# by April 14, 2017 (SURGIVERSARY)

These mini goals will help me to take it one step at a time and feels alot more manageable. The weight loss has slowed down, but still comng off in small bits. I have been having stalls, but I know this is my own fault, I have allowed old habits to creep in because I want to feel normal, although I know "normal" is a relative term. Also I have stress that makes it harder to be consistent: we are losing our home, preparing to move and I'm going back to school. Regardelss of all that mess in this blog post I am recommitting myself to sticking closely to my Doctors guidelines for eating after surgery: 800 calories, 40-60g carbs, 70g+ protein. I have given myself ample time to reach each goal and know I can do it, just have to use some self-control and discipline. On the other hand I have learned an important lesson that hunger isn't an emergency and have to remid myself to eat. This is such a dramatic difference from constantly having food on my mind presurgery and I an eternally greatful for it.

Until next time . . . . . .


Weeks 11 through 16

Aug 04, 2016

week 11: 217.6# (-5#)

week 12: 216.0# (-1.6#)

week 13: 212.2# (-3.8#)

week 14: 212 (-0.2#)

week15: 208.8# (-3.2#)

week 16: 208.2# (0.6#)

Here I am at 16 weeks post op. My official 4 months is August 10th. I have lost 64.9#, more than half of my excess weight!!!!! I did fall of the wagon this past weekend eating brownies and tootsie rolls in place of protein. Fortunately the damage wasn't too terrible, I didn't gain any weight, but only lost 0.6#. Thankfully getting back to the straight and narrow wasn't hard in the following days and I successfully increased my protein and dramatically decreased my carbs.

Charting my food has been very helpful, it has helped me see in plain black and white right in front of my face that I like to eat at night. I've been saving calories so I can eat pork rinds at night about an hour before bed. They seem to help me feel satisfied. If i make sure I put it into MFP at the start of the day I know I have room for my bedtime snack while keeping my calorie goal intact.

I'm determined to do better because I have a personal goal of losing the remaining 63.2# by the end of the year, so I can start the new year in maintenance. This journey can be hard sometimes,  especially when there is temptation all around but if others can be strong and push through I know I can too.


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Weeks 9 & 10

Jun 23, 2016

Two months post vsg under my belt as of June 14th.

Week 9: 224.6#

Week 10: 222.6#

Honestly I expected to gain some weight between weeks 9 and 10 since we went out of town and I couldn't bring my things I usually eat at home and my eating schedule was completely obliterated. So I was hopng my weight would at least stay the same, with no gain. Well wasnt I surprised when I stepped n the scale June 16th and I had lost 2# !!!!! I dont remember the last time I weighed 222#. Finally I am down 50 pounds, never would've been possible on my own before. 

My mom is so impressed with the results I have been having that she said she wants to look into surgery for herself. I'm not sure though that she understands all the changes she will have to make in the way she eats and her relationship with food, and I don't want to overwhelm her with everything, so I just give her little tid-bts of information whenever we talk about it. My dad on the other hand is the world's greatest skeptic and while he congratulates me on my weight loss he follows the compliment up with "you might lose the weight, but you're going to gain all of it back." So discouraging, he always has to be a nay-sayer, I try not to take it to heart though . But I am determined to prove him wrong. Not just for the satisfaction of proving him wrong but most importantly because I want to be successful and that means losing 100% of my excess weight and keepind it off as I eventually enter into maintenance.

I'm trying to keep my calories between 600-700 a day. Most days this is difficult since I try to eat 1 serving of fruit and veggies a day cause it helps with keeping things moving in the bathroom and I feel better when I eat them. My surgeon says calories need to stay between 600-800 per day while losing until goal weight is reached, I usually eat more in that range, but try to stay on the lower side. Since I track my food on MFP I notice that I dont eat many calories during the day, but when night comes I consume most of my calories between dinner and my bedtime snack. So i have been trying to set a cut-off time for eating of 8pm. Noticed that if I eat after 8pm I don't eant to eat the following morning, which puts me behind for getting in my protein.

Don't want to jinx myself but I haven't had any stalls! The weight loss has been consistent. Hopefully it will continue especially since I started going to the gym to lift weights this week. I do some cardio too, but I really want to focus on lifting to change the shape of my body. Can't wait to see what the next month holds!


Weeks 4 through 8

Jun 11, 2016

No updates since week 3. . . . . .  shame on me, so here goes

Week 4: 242.6#

Week 5: 239.6#

Week 6: 236.2#

Week 7: 231.6#

Week 8: 229.0#

This past week has been a little difficult. I have been battiling head hunger for things like ice cream and cookies. I am fighting a constant battle with my inner self that tells me "you can eat it cause you can only eat a little bit", and the part of me that wants to be successful saying "that's not on plan, STEP AWAY." Sadly my inner self/head hunger has been winning the past week. It hasn't stopped my weight loss but I know I can do better and I expect more of myself. Trying my best to lay down good habits now and break old detrimental ones so I can be successful long-term; but the struggle is real. On a positive note I am down 44# from pre-op weight!!!! When I get to 225# (hopefully soon) I am going to reward myslef with going to get some permanent makeup- eyebrows and eyeliner. Hypothyroidism has made my eyebrows thin, they look beautiful when I get them threaded but I hate having to fill them in everyday. 

I'm averaging 600-750 calories/day, 70g+ of protein, 50g of carbs or less and I really don't monitor fat too closely, but most days its less than 50g. So far this has been working out good. On the weekend when we go out to eat my calories can go up to 1000 due to the rich food, but I'm so greatful I can't eat much of it. Struggling with remembering to take my meds everyday, which is leading to me to being tired. Excited to see what the next month holds. This journey had been awe-inspiring thus far.

My next goal is going to the gym to lift heavy 3xs/week. Don't want to lose all this weight and still be 'skinny fat' and I want to gain some extra curves.


1st Goal Reached! - Week 3

May 05, 2016

 WOO-HOO below 250#, first goal reached!!!!!!!!!! When I weighed this morning I was astounded to see that I had gone from 252# last week to 246#, a 6# loss! What better surprise could I ask for? Sticking to the eating plan has been a little easier now that I'm on soft foods, but I still am excited to get to solid foods cause I am craving meat and on my plan no meat until back on solids? I've made it this far so I can do it for a few more days. Thus far I have exceeded my expectations for weight loss during the first month. Only expected to lose about 10# due to hypothyroidism and being a slow loser previously with diet and exercise. My goal for the following week is to exercise/walk 3xs a week, so far I've been walking about 2xs.

I did have a slip up yesterday. We were at the hospital and ran out for dinner to Bojangles, I orderd an egg and chocolate milk. NEVER will order chocolate milk again, 27g Carbs in 10oz. Then my mom got a combo and offered me a boround and of course I took one........ and it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. When she offered me another I turned it down, but between the chocolate milk and the boround I know better decisions could've been made. Tuck that in my memory bank for next time.

Well back to the grind for another week, so excited to see what it brings!

Week 3 Weight (5/5/16) 246.4#


Week 1 & 2 Update

May 01, 2016

2.5 weeks post op and feeling good. Fluids have not been an issue over the past 2 weeks but today I didn't feel like drinking or eating anything, and I didn't. But I can tell that I need to drink, feeling very run down, tired and sluggish. I promise myself to do better tomorrow. Down 10 pounds as of my last weigh-day 4/28/16 (weighed 252.6#) . This amazes me cause that was my goal for the month, figured I would be a slow loser due hypothyroidism. So YAY ME !  Can't wait to see what the next week holds. I already rewarded myself for reaching my 250# goal, even though I'm not there yet, with some new London Fog luggage (was $200 got it on sale for $80), thinking I will be there next week. Trying to figure out my reward for the next 25 pounds.

Week 1 Weight(4/21/16): 255.2#

Week 2 Weight (4/28/16): 252.6



It's Finally Done !

Apr 19, 2016

Back home in my own comfy surroundings following an amazing surgical experience at Mexicali Bariatric Center with Dr. Wilhelmy on April 14th. Surgery went perfectly and they treated me so well. The trip back home was long; flying cross country after surgery is no joke.

Feel I could’ve done so much better today (4/18) with carbs, ate 111g (on only liquids) and 33g protein. Didn’t realize Campbell’s Condensed Soup had so many carbs. Tomorrow will be better, will stick to broths! I was trying to mix it up cause I am on clear liquids for 6 more days, then onto full liquids for another 10 days before pureed/soft foods.

Weighed in at 263.1# the day before surgery, lost 10# during the pre-op diet (had lots of food funerals and gained 5#). Hopped on the scale today (4/18) just out of sheer curiosity, since Thursday will be my official weigh day, and down another 7#! Have got to take before pictures tomorrow so I have something to compare to and look back when I am finally successful, because I will be successful!

My doctor didn’t give me a goal weight and I forgot to ask, I think 175# is reasonable to start with. For a BMI between 18 and 25 I could weigh anywhere from 126-170 pounds, but I want to be right in the middle or about 148 or so pounds. So I guess 145# will be my s—t—r—e—t—c—h goal to give me a more comfortable position in case of regain.

Oh well, I think that’s all for now. Here I go on this crazy train ride full of ups, downs, twists and turns and hopefully lots of learning and changing old habits to good sustainable ones. . . . . . . . . . . . .


Starting Weight: 236.1#


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