1st Goal Reached! - Week 3

May 05, 2016

 WOO-HOO below 250#, first goal reached!!!!!!!!!! When I weighed this morning I was astounded to see that I had gone from 252# last week to 246#, a 6# loss! What better surprise could I ask for? Sticking to the eating plan has been a little easier now that I'm on soft foods, but I still am excited to get to solid foods cause I am craving meat and on my plan no meat until back on solids? I've made it this far so I can do it for a few more days. Thus far I have exceeded my expectations for weight loss during the first month. Only expected to lose about 10# due to hypothyroidism and being a slow loser previously with diet and exercise. My goal for the following week is to exercise/walk 3xs a week, so far I've been walking about 2xs.

I did have a slip up yesterday. We were at the hospital and ran out for dinner to Bojangles, I orderd an egg and chocolate milk. NEVER will order chocolate milk again, 27g Carbs in 10oz. Then my mom got a combo and offered me a boround and of course I took one........ and it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. When she offered me another I turned it down, but between the chocolate milk and the boround I know better decisions could've been made. Tuck that in my memory bank for next time.

Well back to the grind for another week, so excited to see what it brings!

Week 3 Weight (5/5/16) 246.4#


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