Yay! 6 months

Oct 31, 2016

I've reached the 6-month mark and wow it has been a long time since I have done a blog entry. I've been enjoying life with my family! I truly didn't realize how big I was until I lost the weight. I feel so much lighter and happier and it is AMAZING not to be ruled by my hunger. Currently I am in a size 10/12 jeans and medium shirts. Before surgery I was wearing a very uncomfortably tight size 18 jeans and XXL shirt. So far I am down 85# (weighing 187.8#) since surgery in April 2016.I have some new mini-goals for myself that will hopefully make it easier to keep going to reach my ultimate goal of weighing 147#.

  1. 1. Lose 70% of my excess weight (-88#; weigh 185#) SO CLOSE !
  2. 2. Lose 80% excess weight and join Century Club! (-100#; weight 173#) by Dec. 31, 2016
  3. 3. Lose 90% excess weight (-113; weigh 160# )
  4. 4. Lose 100% excess weight. Goal weight 147# by April 14, 2017 (SURGIVERSARY)

These mini goals will help me to take it one step at a time and feels alot more manageable. The weight loss has slowed down, but still comng off in small bits. I have been having stalls, but I know this is my own fault, I have allowed old habits to creep in because I want to feel normal, although I know "normal" is a relative term. Also I have stress that makes it harder to be consistent: we are losing our home, preparing to move and I'm going back to school. Regardelss of all that mess in this blog post I am recommitting myself to sticking closely to my Doctors guidelines for eating after surgery: 800 calories, 40-60g carbs, 70g+ protein. I have given myself ample time to reach each goal and know I can do it, just have to use some self-control and discipline. On the other hand I have learned an important lesson that hunger isn't an emergency and have to remid myself to eat. This is such a dramatic difference from constantly having food on my mind presurgery and I an eternally greatful for it.

Until next time . . . . . .


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