3 1/2 month update

Oct 29, 2009

Well here it is 3 1/2 months out and I have lost 61 lbs.  I am at a stall right now.  I have been in the hospital and had an endoscopy and they found that the opening to my esophagous was to small and they stretched that and also found an ulcer.  That was very painful. but since the testing and taking medications, it feels so much better.  I had my 49th birthday this month and want to (WILL BE) a lot smaller than I am right now.at my "BIG 50" next October!!!  Will post more later...


A new "SUPER WOW" moment!

Sep 05, 2009

Since I last posted a blog, I had lost 45 lbs in 36 days.  Well here it is 55 days since surgery and I have lost 59 lbs, WOW!!!  I hadn't weighed myself since the last post and was really scared to weigh this morning, scared that I had gained.  One of my personal goals was to just get back into the 200's and get out of the 300's.  So now it is to get to 250.  Then I will set another goal for myself.  I am not sure at how much I want to lose all together, that will just have to be when I fill like I'm happy with myself and feel comfortable.  I'm still not able to walk, due to the ulcer on the bottom of my left foot.  I still do my routine exercises and shall continue until my foot heals. Will blog again soon.


Feeling Great!

Aug 22, 2009

Good Morning!  Hope all of you are doing well.  I am doing "GREAT"!!!  At 36 days out, I had lost 45 lbs.  ***YIPPEE***!!!  I still have not had any complications, I feel for you that have had complications. I'm not getting to do any walking exercises due to having a diabetic ulcer on my left foot.  So, I have to do my exercises sitting or lying (no not that kind. I know what you all are probably thinking, lol) I have had so many WOW moments that just blows my mind with happiness, glee, joy and love.  It means so much to hear my sons comment on my weight loss and that they so are proud of me. My husband ,well he is my "ROCK"!  Being able to get my wedding rings on after 4 yrs.  Getting use to sleeping flat in the bed instead of having the head and knees elevated.  I am hoping to be back in the regular bed soon, and get rid of the hospital bed that I have been sleeping in for the last 6 months.  I  come off a few om my meds and hope to be coming off of more in time.  The best is coming off one of my insulin and cut way back on the Lantus.  I know that there will be a lot more WOW moments to come and I can't wait!!!  More later...
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One month out

Aug 13, 2009

Just wanted to update on my progress after RNY.  It has been exactly a month ago today and I have lost 37 lbs. and have come off of or reduced the quantity of my medications I take daily.  My sugar readings have been in the low 100's.  I completely came off one insulin and take half the dosage of the other.  I now take 200 units per day and was taking a total of 600 units.   I have felt so good and can get around so much easier.  I never had any problems with the surgery or after (pain, dumping or diarrhea).  I don't get hungry and have "NO HUNGER PAINS"!!!  It is so hard to remember to eat (me not wanting to eat?)  I have no problem getting my daily fluids, vitamins or protein.  It's one of the greatest things that I have ever done and would do it again in a heartbeat!!!  Stay tuned for further postings...   Jackie

3 weeks out

Aug 03, 2009

So, today is my 3 weeks out date and I have never felt better!!  I have come off of one of my insulins, I was taking 300 units aday and 300 units of the other one, but now only take 150 units aday  WOW, what a feeling!!  I was able to wear my weddings rings today.  I have really had a few "WOW" moments in such a short time.  My very first one was loosing 24 lbs. in one week, being able to walk to the van or from the shower to the bedroom with having to gasp for air (so very scary not to be able to breathe).  I fit so much easier in my computer chair and my electric chair.  My son has said, 'that he is waiting for the day that we can walk on the beach together",  His is one of my biggest supporters.  He is so awesome!! As is my wonderful husband of 28 years.  He is my "HERO", I love you honey, for who you are and for all that you do!  Thank you to my all my friends, family and my OH family for all your support.  Enough for today, will blog again soon.

Newest date

Jun 27, 2009

Well I got a new date for my WLS, it will be 07/13/09.  I'm not going to get my hopes up as much as I did on 06/24/09.  Hopefully, we will get to proceed with it this time.  Will keep everyone up to date.


So close...

Jun 23, 2009

So close and yet still so far!  Today, 06/23/09, my family and I left for Birmingham for my WLS scheduled for06/24/09.  I had to attend a nutrition class @ 8:00 a.m. and after that I was scheduled for my lab pre-op and last but not least my pre-op with Dr. Schmitt.  Everything went like clock work and we were just about to leave the doctor's office, when my sister just happen to mention that she noticed that my urine from the night before was very cloudy (I could have killed her).  Dr. Schmitt immediately said, "no surgery", if there is an infection.  He sent me back to the lab for a urine test and then we were to go back to his office and wait for the results.  They called us back to a room and the doctor came in and sure enough I have a very bad UTI.  So, surgery has been postponed for a future date.  Not sure of when that will be, but will keep everyone informed. Since we had not checked into the hotel yet, we just came back home and look forward to making the trip again soon. Please keep me in your prayers.
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New Surgery Date!!!

Jun 18, 2009

Dr. Schmitt's office called today and there was a cancellation, so they wanted to know if I would like to change.  My new surgery date is....06/24/2009!  Ok, I'm still not scared or nervous, but it is like I'm in a whirlwind.  I have so much to do and so little time.  IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!

Getting Closer!

Jun 17, 2009

As the day gets closer, the more excited I get.  I'm not scared or nervous about having the surgery, but what will happen if I don't have WLS.  I am so hoping to be able to  stop using my electric chair, but the neuropathy in my feet and legs is pretty intense.  So, even if I can't that's okay, being able to breath better and all the other great things that will improve, out weigh the negative. I want to go out and buy some clothes so bad, why is that?  I have clothes in my closet that still have price tags on them.  My sister and my mom got all of my smaller clothes and now I am going to have to get them back,.  That may be tougher than I think  Oh well, we shall see. 


Jun 05, 2009

I finally got my surgery date.  The big day is 07/07/2009.  That is just a month away and I am so excited! (can you tell?) No, I am not nervous, but very excited.  I don't know if I will get nervous or scared the closer the date gets here.  I am so ready to spread my wings and fly!!! My baby sister had this done several years ago and she will be with me through out the whole thing, along with my husband, kids, parents, family and friends.  I am so blessed to have my friends and family and now my special family here at OH.  I get so wrapped up in peoples journeys and the before and after pictures.  It is just amazing and so hard to believe that in a little over a month and I will be on the "L" bench.  Thank you Jesus!!!

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