3 weeks out

Aug 03, 2009

So, today is my 3 weeks out date and I have never felt better!!  I have come off of one of my insulins, I was taking 300 units aday and 300 units of the other one, but now only take 150 units aday  WOW, what a feeling!!  I was able to wear my weddings rings today.  I have really had a few "WOW" moments in such a short time.  My very first one was loosing 24 lbs. in one week, being able to walk to the van or from the shower to the bedroom with having to gasp for air (so very scary not to be able to breathe).  I fit so much easier in my computer chair and my electric chair.  My son has said, 'that he is waiting for the day that we can walk on the beach together",  His is one of my biggest supporters.  He is so awesome!! As is my wonderful husband of 28 years.  He is my "HERO", I love you honey, for who you are and for all that you do!  Thank you to my all my friends, family and my OH family for all your support.  Enough for today, will blog again soon.


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