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Feb 09, 2010

Hi I'm Jayne. 37yrs old from Lancashire, UK.

I've struggled with my weight from being 6 years old after having my adenoids removed and piling on the pounds!  I weighed 9 stone when I was 9!!  I come from a heavy family, so there is definitely a fat gene lurking around somewhere...

I have tried every diet club, diet pill, diet book going - several times over - spending thousands of pounds over the years.  Each time I drop 3 stone, I put 4 back on, which has gradually stretched my skin on my arms and tummy, which I hate now.

I had a lapband fitted in 2006 and lost 2 stone in 2 months, then the complications started, sickness, pain, port pain, you name it, I had it.  After 4 attempts at deflating and inflating, 5 x-rays, one slippage, several adjustments and constant sickness after everything I ate, I called it a day and after 18 months of perserverance I had the band deflated and within 2 months had put all the weight back on and more

I then met my new husband in 2008 and we were married on October 8th 2009 in St Lucia.  He adores me as I am and loves my curvy figure, but I've beem miserable about my weight since I met him, so he is being very supportive of my decision to have revision surgery . My 10 year old son loves his cuddly mummy, but he always wishes I had more energy to run around and play football with him, which I am ashamed to say I whimp out of, because I'm out of breath after 5 minutes, lugging this huge frame around!

So after months of research into the RNY procedure and also being fortunate enough to be a manager for BMI Healthcare, I have the advantage of knowing my surgeons, dietician and nurses really well, so I have had inside knowledge and fantastic support to go ahead with the surgery.

My surgeons (yes I get 2 great guys working on me!) are removing my lapband free of charge (they didn't do the lapband op, the Hospital Group did before I worked for BMI) and they are performing laprascopic RNY on Feb 20th at 9am in Blackburn. I have got a very generous discount for my private surgery with being an employee, otherwise, I would not have been able to afford this surgery. I feel very luck to be given this second chance

I would love to become friends with people having surgery around the same time, so we can share our experience through this exciting journey!

I'll keep you posted

Jayne x


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