Pre-op Tests today and feeling better on pre-op diet

Feb 10, 2010

I went to the Beardwood Hospital today for my pre-op tests.  I was there 2 hours and had an ECG, blood tests, MRSA swabs done and a long chat with the dietician and physio. The physio gave me a breathing in device to take home and practice on, as they will give me this straight after the op.  It's a hand held device with a tube to suck on, you breathe in and a marker rises to a smiley face on the device and that indicates you are breathing in correctly.  Apparenly after surgery you can develop mucus on the chest and this device, helps you to breath deeply without hurting your wounds in the stomach and it helps cough the mucus up!  Bizarre I know, never heard of this contraption before!  I'll give anything a try once though

The nurse explained every part of the surgery in detail and what I would be hooked up to afterwards, so as to prepare me when I come round.  I'll be hooked up to an IV drip, have a PCA for pain, which is morphine at the touch of a button, I'll wake up with an oxygen mask on and a tube down my throat, which they use to put the blue dye down to watch on screen if it goes through my pouch to the instestine correctly.  Once the surgeon is satisfied I'm in working order, they will remove the tube.  This is the scary part for me, as I hate anything plastic in my mouth, let alone a tube doen my throat.  Apparently they also leave it in to drain mucus off the chest if its bad.  Luckily I don't smoke or have chest problems, so they should be able to remove it when I come out of recovery.. thank god!  I won't need a catheter or drains, they are keen to get me moving fairly quickly after recovery, so I can walk to the bathroom with the physio's assitance.

So all in all a good day.  The post op diet sheet looks good.  I thought I'd be on clear liquid only on week 1-2, but I'm allowed milky drinks, slimfast, creamy soup and thin yoghurt, so I'm pleased with that

10 days and counting....


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