*Ladybug *. 17 years, 3 months ago

James- I hope your surgery went well. I had surgery with Dr Nease 8/1/05 and had some complications but what a wonderful man and his team are great too! Best wishes! Valerie (New Mexico)

JeannePS 17 years, 3 months ago

The power of prayer is an amazing thing!!! If you have put this in God's hands then He will guide you through it. I had complications and never lost Faith, God was there for me every step of the way and never faltered. I pray you have a smooth recovery and feel better real soon! This surgery is an amazing blessing! Let us know when you get home and don't hesitate to post any questions! Much love, Carol V.

bigdaddyjoe 17 years, 3 months ago

Rock on James!!! welcome to the losers bench, you are in for the ride of your life! You go man!! Joe

miseryinwi 17 years, 3 months ago

Best wishes for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery! Please keep us posted on your progress!

Viv 17 years, 3 months ago

Hey, James! I'm an almost neighbor from Knott county. I'll be praying that God will guide your surgeon's hands and that your recovery will be as easy as mine was. I had my surgery on Oct. 28th 2005 and have lost 52 pounds....can't wait to shop for small sizes in about a year. I'm sure you feel the same way. Good luck and God Bless!!! Vivian Watts

NurseTC 17 years, 3 months ago

Good luck on your surgery and wishing you a quick recovery.

NurseTC 17 years, 3 months ago

Good luck on your surgery and wishing you a quick recovery.

Dx E 17 years, 3 months ago

James, Have the Greatest ever in the morning. We're all pulling for you and sending out those prayers! Best Wishes- Dx

Nee P 17 years, 3 months ago

Hi, We are having surgery on the same day and I just wanted to wish you well in your journey. I don't know about you but I am scared, excited and so sure this is the right thing to do. You and the rest of our fellow Dec 5 surgery buddies will be in my prayers as they prep me. Let's just pray that everything goes well for all of us. Good luck and see you on the "loosing side". Nee P

Dakota Mom 17 years, 3 months ago

Best wishes on your surgery! May God be with you, your family, and your surgical team! I pray you have a quick recovery! :) GAIL
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