I started out my journey when I saw how remarkable one of my co-workers looked after losing 250 lbs.  He stared out at over 500 lbs. and lost his weight within 18 months. In 2003  Because of mobility problems I had decided  to have a panni.  I lost 50 lbs. but never any more and during the course of 2 years gained it back until I was well over 490 lbs.  I stopped going to Weight Watchers as I could see the pity in the people's eyes.  I stopped going because I wasn't working the program.  My life consisted of getting up, taking care of my animals, getting dressed, in what ever I could fit into and going off to work.  I work in Center City Philadelphia and park my car in a lot 2 blocks from my building.  The walk was horrible, I would have to stop at least 4 times to rest.  I would do nothing but cry on the entire drive home.  I knew that if I didn't do something I was going to wind up immobile and have to be sent to a nursing home.  Of course, I fast forwarded that nightmare but the ending still scared the he!! out of me.  One day I started to get dressed up again.  I always had beautiful clothes and being as I once kinda hot I knew how to work it.  I started to put my makeup on and just in general started to feel better.  The walk still killed me but I looked good.  It was in October 2005 that a light bulb hit.  I really looked at my co-worker and decided I want to have the surgery.  As with everything in my life I wanted to fast track the process.  After Thanksgiving I made the appointment.  I had decided on Pennsylvania Hosptial because that is where I had my panni and I loved the care.   I made the appointment in early January.  The initial consult was interesting.  I was given a list of things that I had to do.  I am really bad at going to doctors and have to get a steam rolling to get started, so I did nothing the month of February.  In early March I got a letter from the surgeon saying that in June my insurance was going to require a 6 month supervised diet.  You never saw a fat woman hustle like I did.  I got all of my pre-surgery stuff done and then I just sat on pins and needles.  In early May 2006 I was told that my paperwork went in and that I just needed to wait.  What they didn't tell me was that, I was already approved and I just needed to be scheduled.  I figured I would have a least a 6 week wait.  On May 19 at 3:00 I got the call that I was scheduled for surgery on June 14.  Talk about fast.  I cried and all of my co-workers were so happy as they could see my struggle.  I was on my way.

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