Dec 05, 2006

2/11/06 Goodness, I am so bad at updating my profile. Actually, I haven't been feeling really good lately but I thought that this would be the best time to update my profile. The house is quite, DH has Naval Reserves this weekend so I am pretty much alone. It would be better if I was feeling good. Yesterday I came down with a terrible cold. DH begged me to go to my PCP and I did. Good thing, I was running a temp and was not in good shape at all. I feel a little better today, no temp, but my ear still hurts and my glands feel like the size of golf balls.

Ok, enough about that. Where am I in my journey. Well, I have everything but my physician supervised diet finished and that will be done next month. I had my gallbladder ultrasound done, my psych eval, and my nutritionist appt. Once I finish the supervised diet, I, well the surgeon's office gets ready to submit for approval. That I think is going to be even scarier than all of this is. I had a nightmare the other night about the surgery. I dreamt that I woke up and started eating like I usually do only to find out that I had just had surgery. I thought that they sutures were going to burst and my food was going start floating around in my body. Good thing that was just a dream. Yikes.

My sister and I have been talking about her having surgery around the same time as me or right after me. For a long time I was against this for her, she actually started researching this before I did. But, then I started researching this and my viewpoint quickly changed. So, now, I can't wait to go through all this with her.

Ok, I need to go lay down for a little while, I have been sitting at the computer for awhile and I am getting tired. Maybe I will be able to summons up the strength to do a few things this afternoon. Lord please give me the strength today.

11/29/05 WOW, I can't believe that it has been over a month since I have updated my profile. Quite a bit has happened since my last post. I have had my orientation as well as my first consult with my surgeon. I have to say that I was so nervous and was intimidated by the surgeon. It didn't help that the stool he was sitting on was much higher than the chair I was in and it felt like he was looming over me. I felt like I was in an interview and everything that I said was being closely picked apart. Is she a good candidate or isn't she????? Well, I must be because I was given the directions that I needed an ultrasound of my gallbladder and a psych _eval and to finish with my 6 month physican supervised diet and then we will submit to the insurance company. That was it? Really? Ok, I think that I am still in shock about all of this. I thought it was going to be much tougher than it really was. I think that I psyched myself out which was worse than actually talking with him. One "bummer" was that when I was weighed in, I haven't lost any weight since I started taking Meridia. Granted, I am retaining water like you wouldn't believe right now, but still, I sould have something gone. UGH!!!! The surgeon did tell me that the more weight that I can lose before surgery the better, now when the surgery is, only God knows that one. I do have to take a moment and thank Him, without Him right now, I don't know if I would have even been able to get this far. I feel him watching over me and pushing me along. It is a good learning experience of having to take care of me. I am so used to taking care of everyone else, that when it comes down to taking care of me, I need all the help and guidance afforded. Well, I am going to really try to keep my posts a bit more frequent. I need to get back to work, but I did want to post a little something since my consultation. Until my next update....God Bless and Keep on Keepin' on!! Jeanna

10/27/05 I thought that I would have updated a little sooner, but I haven't found the right "stuff" to talk about. Today, today I have stuff to talk about. I guess I could have come on and talked about how I haven't snacked in 2 1/2 weeks now. I know doesn't seem that big, but, it is a goal and I am meeting that goal. I need these small goals to work towards, then the big goal isn't that hard to accomplish. I have to start somewhere and this is a good one to start with. The NP started me on Meridia this month and I have lost 4 lbs. as of Monday. WooHoo, 4 lbs. That is 4 lbs. that I won't have to worry about, only 26 more to go, ok, that is until I lose 30 lbs. before surgery. Speaking of surgery....I have my orientation and consult with the surgeon scheduled!!!! I am so excited. I talked to Colleen at the surgeon's office and she was so sweet. I told her everything that I have started doing already and she said that I was well on my way. Yippee!! I have to give credit to everyone on here. I have been doing a lot of reading these past couple of weeks and am learning from everyone on here. You are all such an inspiration to me. It is funny, I am not even approved yet and I feel like I am on cloud 9. Well, I am off to school, next week, I have my appt. with the NP again, start of month 2. I hope everyone a blessed weekend and thanks for being a part of my journey. Jeanna

10/10/05 I had my appt. with the Nurse Practioner/Dietician today. Again, I can't not say enough about how wonderful she was. She knew just what I have been going through. She knew what I am thinking when I am eating, when I am not eating and when I am thinking about eating. She suggested WLS before I could even bring it up. That just really assured me that the journey that I am planning on is good. She said that she was going to call the surgeon personally and make sure that they called me to get in for an appt. How cool is that? She also indicated that if I haven't heard anything by the end of the week, that I should call her and she would get on top of things. This is really beginning to feel surreal. In the mean time, I have goals to get me ready for surgery. I love that, help me get ready for the next 6 months so I am ready to use my tool the right way after surgery. So, no more snacking. I need to start a food journal. Ok, I am so bad at this. I have tried in the past to do this and I just haven't had the motivation to keep it up. NOW, now I have the motivation. Oh, I almost forgot, since my last appt. I lost 4 lbs. how I did that I will never know. Water is my guess, I retain water like it was going out of style. Well, back to housework, doggie is having problems today but she is our baby and we have to take care of our babies. Oh yeah, I have just started taking Meridia, has anyone taken this before? I would love to know what to expect. God Bless...Jeanna

10/4/05 Can I say that I love my new PCP. She was everything that I hoped she would be. She actually sat and listened, kept asking if I had any more questions. They never ask if I have any more questions. It was just a refreshing experience. The only bad part was to step on the scale and continue to see that blasted number go up! We did talk about WLS and she agrees that it would be my best alternative. We did talk about Meridia. Has anyone ever used that? If you have and are reading, please email me and let me know your experiences. She said that it would be a good thing to try but that ultimately the surgery would be best. So, I got my referral, my appointment for next month, and an appointment with her nurse practioner/dietician. So now the "work" begins I guess. I am still feeling numb about this. I want to be on the home stretch, knowing that my insurance has approved the surgery and that I have a date. But, I have a lot to do and work through before that happens. So my friends, I guess it is me continuing to post my progress and hope that good thoughts and prayers are sent my way. Until then...

9/26/05 I just made an appointment with a new PCP. I am very excited about this. She is a new doctor and is supportive of WLS. It sounds funny to say that I am excited about a doctors appointment. It is just one step closer though. I am really having to step out of my shell in order to get this going. I am usually the type that needs someone else to do it for me, I am too scared. BUT, no one else is going to be able to do this for me but me. I have to work hard at this, I have to control the foood, I have to change my habits, not anyone else, so this is a good first step.

9/22/05 Went to the information meeting last night and felt really good about it. Dr. Wallace was very good at explaining what was going to happen, what to expect, what we would need to do before and after, blah, blah, blah. I left there kind of numb actually. I was a strange feeling. I talked with the nurse practitioner afterwards and she was so helpful as well. I am worried about my PCP so I asked her if she knew of someone that would be able to help me out as well. She started reeling off names faster than I could write them down. Now the next thing, talking to DH about what to do next. I know that this is my journey but it is his too, so I am trying to keep him in the loop as much as possible. If anyone has any advice as to a good PCP in the Milwaukee, WI area, please let me know. I really want to "get the ball rolling". I have waited my whole life to be healthy and happy and now I of course want it all now just like with everything else. I know, listen to my own words and enjoy the journey, but right now my biggest fear is - what if this journey never happens? Have a great day and any words of encouragement would be really appreciated.

9/21/05 Well, here it goes, the journey is just beginning. In about an hour I am heading to an information session, which is the first step in my journey to WLS. I have been researching and reading profiles for weeks now and it has just solidified that this is what I NEED to do. I am very nervous. I keep telling myself, "Hello, this is just an information meeting, there is nothing to be nervous about!" But, I look it as the beginning and I hope that all of you wonderful, supportive new friends will be there to continue to help me along my journey. Wish me luck!!

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