6 Months Out, September 7th, 2007

Sep 06, 2007

I had my 6 month appt. on Wednesday morning.  I'm down a total of 102 lbs., 106 as of this morning.  I have lost 14" off my hips,  this fact I find absolutely amazing,  that is over 1 foot!   I have lost 7" off my bust,  4" off my upper arms (not counting the sag.LOL) and 10" off my waist.  She said I'm doing great and is happy with my progress, although she would like to see me walking more, at least 20 minutes 3 times a week..  Also my blood pressure was 122/62,  I have been on HBP medication.  I made an appt.with my regular doctor to get that checked and see if I can get taken off my meds.

4 Months out from Surgery, July 11, 2007

Jul 11, 2007

I'm down about 90 lbs.  I weight 257 lbs.  On the 4th of July I found out I weight only 12 lbs. more than my brother who I have never considered to be fat.  I've been so big for so long I can't even get my mind around that.LOL

Kinda hard to believe it has been 4 months already.  Things are still going pretty well.  I  haven't dumped at all,  I can tolerate pretty much anything I eat.  I do have to watch my carbs. though.  I also found out if I eat to many peanuts and nuts I get cramps and loose stools.  Other than that, I haven't had any issues.

I'm not losing any abnormal amounts of hair.  It still may happen but as of yet nothing.  I'm still waiting for the burst of energy. I do feel fine and I'm getting to like wearing smaller clothes.  I still find myself looking at clothes and not believing that they will fit.  I have tried on a few things I got from Swapkins that were size XL and they fit!  I couldn't believe it.  I did buy a pair of capris at Kohl's and a shirt and I had to buy a size 22W.  I'm finding my Avenue clothes I can get by in an 18-20 in tops and an 18 in pants.  It is funny how much each manufacturer varies in sizes, I did already know this though.  Saturday I went to Kohl's and I bought a skort for the first time in my life.  I have never worn a skort!  Ok,  I still have actually worn it (other than to try it on) but now I do own one.LOL  Maybe I will wear it when Gwen and I get together for lunch sometime.

The only thing I have really noticed since surgery that has really affected me is my PMS.  The first couple of times after surgery I had horrible cramps and back pain.  That has eased up somewhat.  I still get it but it is more tolerable.  This last time all I wanted to do was sleep for about a week before my actual period and the first few days of my period.  My depression was also rearing it's ugly head worse than usual.  I just saw my nurse who prescribes my depression meds. and we are going to try a new med and tweaking the other one.  I hope it helps.  I will let you know.

My kids have even been making comments on how I'm getting skinnier (their word.LOL)  We have gone to the beach a couple of times and I'm wearing a swimsuit I got from Linda N.  It fits fine,  I'm not to happy how flabby my legs are getting to look but it is better than being as big as they were.  I do seem to be able to move better and can last longer with out getting worn out.  I really need to work harder on getting more exercise in to tone up my muscles and get rid of some of this extra skin.

That is about it for now.  I will update more next month.

Saw the Nurse...Thursday June 7, 2007

Jun 07, 2007

I saw Lynn my nurse yesterday,  she said I'm doing great.  I weighted in at 277, 70 lbs. down from May 9th, 2006 (347 lbs.)about my highest, 40 lbs. (317 lbs.)from surgery day.  She said at the 6 month appt. we will take new measurements and pics.   I have been taking pics but I can't find the cord to download them into the computer.LOL  I will keep looking. 

New measurements....May 31st, 2007

May 31, 2007

I haven't been losing any weight lately.  Since surgery day I have lost about 40 lbs.  It flucuates a couple of lbs.  I hope I will start losing again soon.  I haven't always been eating the best and that is part of the problem.  I have to improve that.  I have been drinking alot of water and iced tea with Sweet and Low in it.  I have been getting most of my protein in everyday and as of yet have not had any hair loss. 

Ok,  new measurements

Bust:  47"
Hips:   52"

I haven't been losing lbs.  but I have lost alot of inches.  I'm down at total of 6" in the bust, 5" in the waist and 8" in the hips.  I had to buy some new shirts and jeans and I'm into a sz 22 in jeans,  I bought a sz 22 pair of chino capris and they are too big.LOL  Have to get a different sz.  I went from a sz 26/28 shirt to a sz 18/20.  I think I was the most shocked at this.  Feels good though.  I do notice that my butt isn't as big as it was,  I don't have that "shelf" much anymore!!  I also notice that my saddlebags are getting smaller. 

I go see Lynn my nurse at Dr. Jeff's office next week.  She may not be happy that I'm not down more in lbs.  I will have to do better.  I also plan on buying a bike this weekend.  I haven't riden a bike in years.  Ought to be interesting.

I have new pics but I can't find my cord to download them into the computer,  when I find it I will download them.

New Measurements....April 22, 2007

Apr 22, 2007

Upper Arms-17"

I'm down 5" in the bust, 3" in the waist, 5" in the hips and 1" in the thighs.  The upper arms, no difference, just flabbier.

Saturday April 21, 2007

Apr 20, 2007

Time for an update.  As of this morning I'm at 291 lbs.  That is down 26 lbs. since surgery day.  I still really notice it in my face.  The only time I notice it in other places is when I lay in bed and prop my leg up on my other knee and my thighs seem flabbier and when I bend my knees, they don't seem as big.  I still can't really "see" it in my body so much but everyone else does. I do notice some of my clothes fit different.  My upper arms seem flabbier too.

I had an appt. with Lynn, the nurse, at Dr. Baker's office on the 13th.  Overall things are going well.  I do need to keep my liquid intake up and also the protein intake.  I have to get more excercise in, this I already knew.  I have started taking my vitamins.  Seems I have a very tolerate pouch too.  I haven't had any problems with anything I have eaten.  Even the black jelly beans I ate at Easter.  The only time I have had an issue is I have gotten things stuck a couple of times.  Other than that, no real problems.

One of the other things I really have to pay attention to is slowing down when I eat.  I just want to hurry and chew and swallow.  Then I feel crappy for a few minutes while everything takes it time getting to my stomach.  I am learning to slow down,  just takes alittle time.

Last time I measured myself,  I was down about 5" in the hips, 3" in the waist and about 3" in the thighs.  I will find the tape measure (dang kids) and measure everything again.  I need to take a picture too.  I will try and get that done today.

The only other thing I have really noticed since surgery is that I PMS alot harder than I used too. I definately feel it alot more.  I ache at that time of the month more.  I hope this eases up as time goes on.

That is all for now.  I will try and update my measurements and pic and notes for the nurse later this weekend.

Wednesday March 21 2007

Mar 20, 2007

Saw a doctor ar my regular clinic on Monday for my incision,  he wanted me to see the surgeon because he wasn't sure if it was infected.  He was also able to stick a q-tip up into my incision about 1 1/2" so he wanted that checked.  He did take a culture just to see if it is infected.

I called Dr. Jeff Baker's office and told them what was going on.  Dr. Jeff was in surgery so they would have to get ahold of him and see what he wanted to do.  They called me back and told me to be there about 1pm.  I saw Dr. Jeff and he said it wan't infected and that he wants me to clean it with hydrogen perioxide twice a day and bandage it.  He cleaned it for me and put a dressing on it.  My big huge bruise is looking alot better and and he said he wins now.  His bruise, on his hip, is to the muscle and it still looks kind of bad.LOL  He told me to come in Friday again so he could take a look at the incision.  My other incisions look great.

So far I have lost about 14 lbs.  I have been doing pretty good with everything I have tried to eat or drink.  I haven't gotten in all my liquids the last couple of days so I really have to work on that.  I still get some discomfort if I am up and about to much.  I just have to lay down for awhile.

I may try to paint the living room the next couple of days.  I also have a job lead to follow up on.  Nothing new otherwise.

Sunday March 18th, 2007

Mar 18, 2007

Last night one of my incisions came open.  It is the one by belly button.  It had been kinda hard around this area anyways.  I squeezed out alot of real dark red blood and stuff.  I called the nurse line through my insurance company.  We think it was just old blood that had collected there.  Anyways, it doesn't hurt but now it is just kinda gaping open.  I am going to go to my clinic in the morning and get it stitched up.

Nothing to new otherwise.  I did weigh myself this morning after going to the bathroom and in the buff.  I was 307 lbs.  That is down 10 lbs. since surgery day!  My size 26 jeans are getting looser.  Finally find jeans I like and that fit good and pretty soon I won't be able to wear them!  WWWAAAA.  Oh well, I would rather lose  the weight.LOL

One week Doctor Appt...

Mar 16, 2007

Well,  I am down 6 lbs.  Dr Jeff Baker said I am doing GREAT!  I haven't had any sort of pain medication since Sunday,  I'm getting all my fluids in and I'm not having any issues swallowing.  He looked at my incisions and was real pleased with how they are healing,  I told him I am impressed too as they are healing really good and I don't think you will hardly be able to see the scars.  From the surgery and also genetics from my mother,   I have a really big bruise from my belly button down to almost my pubic area.  It doesn't hurt but it looks really ugly.  It is a real dark color redish, purple.  I had the same kind of bruise when I had my gall bladder out a year ago.  Anyway, when I was still in the hospital, Dr. Jeff apologised and said he had a similar bruise on his hip from skiing. LOL  I said, it was ok,  I just bruise like that there.  Today, he told me "You win".LOL  It does look better but still quite ugly.  I asked if his hip still looked like that and he said "No".  So...I won that one!LOL  He said too again that my insides looked real healthy, heart, lungs, liver, etc.  I get to start cream soups and on the 29th I can start pureed foods. I can also start my vitamins a couple days after I start my pureed and April 5th I can start solids.  I have an appt on the 13th with my nurse.  He said he will see me again on my 1 year anniversary.  He also said that I should be able to find a job and be ready to work with no restrictions in about a week or 2.  I will continue my job search and I did apply for a job yesterday.  Please pray that I find the right job!  I also had him explain what I was looking at again in the pics he gave me from my surgery.  I told him that I was still alittle distracted and loopy when he explained them the first time in the hospital.  So, now I know what I am looking at.LOL

I am really pleased with my surgeon choice.  He really is a great guy and he takes the time to talk to me and answer any questions I have.  He is very knowledgable.  He is very caring and compassionte.  He has a good sense of humor too.

6 days post-op...

Mar 14, 2007

So far everything has been going fine.  I am feeling pretty good and I haven't had to take anything for pain since Sunday, no Loratab since Friday at the hospital and Tylenol on Sat. and Sun.  I have been able to tolerate all the liquids I have tried so far.  I have been getting all my fluids in but I need to concentrate on more water instead of other flavored things.  I do get some discomfort if I'm up and about alot or if I sit to long.  Usually I just have to lay down for a bit and it goes away.  I have been walking around the house but I really have to get outside and walk more.  Maybe I will call Perri and see if we can meet for a walk.

Ok....let's backup for a bit.  I had surgery Thursday March 8th 2007.  My surgery was scheduled for 10 am.  Dr. Jeff Baker was my surgeon.  We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am and I think I finally got wheeled into the OR about 10.  I guess I got out of surgery alittle after 1 pm.  As far as I know everything went fine.  I really don't remember much of the rest of the day.  gee...I wonder why.LOL  I vaguely remember the nurse waking me up in my room and giving me a shot,  I remember the phone ring and my husband answered it.  I vaguely remember my huband leaving at I am guessing around 3:30 pm.  After that I just remember the nurse waking me up to walk once and then waking me at various times to take vitals. I also remember the phone ringing a couple of times and talking briefly to a couple of people.  During the night I remember waking up several times and going to the bathroom.

I woke up Friday morning about 6:30.  I had a leak test at 7:30 and that was fine, no leaks.  I took a shower about 9:30. I did get a few phone calls on Friday from family and friends. I tried to go see Perri a couple of times but she was either talking to her Dr. or not in her room.  I did catch up with her and her hubby later walking the hall.  The nurse taught me how to drink 1/2 oz of water every 15 mins.  Dr. Jeff came in to see me and said I am doing great.  He said I am his All-Star.  He gave me a couple pictures of my insides that he took during my surgery.  I will have to have him explain them again when I see him tomorrow.  He said everything looks healthly inside me.  He said I was doing great post-op too.  He told me I could go home if I wanted to,  I said I thought I would be going home on Saturday.  He said that was fine too.   About 2 pm,  my mom and oldest sister, Lois, came to see me.  They got there while Dr. Jeff was there for his second visit.  He mentioned that he was comfortable with me going home and they said that they would give me a ride home.  So I came home Friday evening.  After mom and Lois left I was pretty tired so I went to bed.  I slept pretty much till the next morning.  Saturday I went and got my prescriptions filled that I got from the hospital for my high blood pressure and depression meds.  While I was at Walgreens I walked a couple of laps to get my excersise in.  The rest of the day I worked on getting my fluids in.  I did take a couple of naps.

The rest of the week has been good.  I haven't been getting as tired as soon.  Monday I had a tough thime with head hunger and wanting to chew something.  That was hard but I didn't cheat at all and the rest of the week, the has been alot better.  Tomorrow I see Dr. Jeff and I think I will be able to start cream soups.  I am looking forward to that.

So before surgery I weighed 317
Yeaterday morning I weighed 310

Down 7 lbs!

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