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"I was wowed by Dr. Marvin when he gave a presentation on gastric bypass and lap-band during one of the information sessions with Obesity Surgery Specialists. I knew then that I wanted him to be my surgeon. He was young and managed to seem both professional and approachable. Over time I still maintained this impression.rnAlthough I really liked Dr. Marvin, I was even more impressed with his office staff. I loved how Jeremy, the insurance coordinator, took care of everything insurance related for me. I'm only 18 and have never dealt with insurance before so it was a relief not having to do everything myself. Everyone in the office was incredibly friendly and helpful. rnI suppose my primary complaint about my process is that I couldn't get any testing done during the 1 month time period I waited to hear back from the insurance company. In my pre-op testing the week before surgery, my ultrasound revealed gall stones and a fatty liver. If I'd been able to do this testing sooner, I could have been put on a diet that would decrease the size of my liver. But that didn't happen so when Dr. Marvin first saw my liver, he was almost afraid of doing the surgery. To quote him, I had \"the biggest liver he had ever seen\", and he's done 900+ surgeries. If I'd known about this problem I would have been more than happy to help fix it prior to surgery. rnI would say that in my experience, surgical competence is more important than bedside manner because hopefully the surgeon has a wonderful staff like Dr. Marvin did who will be there with you. If Dr. Marvin were not the wonderful surgeon that he is, my surgery may not have happened. rn"
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