I'm a 22 year old wife and mother to three. Me and my family live in Pittsburgh ( that's right Steeler town). I've been looking into having weight loss surgery for 4 years now, but I was turned off buy what seemed to be some really serious risks, and bad results. This month I started to really look into it so me and my sister decided to schedule an information meeting with the surgeon and we decided that this was the right choice for us. I'm 5"10 and I weigh 335 pounds and my sister is 5"10 weighing 269 pounds, and other than the weight we are both sexy as all get out. Now were waiting for the doctor to call us back to schedule our first appointment. We are both so excited to see what our bodies will look like 2 years from now. We were talking about what it will be like to shop in the juniors section of our favorite stores. It 's so much cheaper to buy clothes when you are not a plus size woman.


On a different note diabetes runs on all sides of my family and that is not something that me and my sister are looking forward to. We recently found out that we both have high cholesterol. We are both strong independent women with three kids to take care of and we need to be here for them, and our husbands. We feel this is our chance at a new lease on life


March 13th Well I just found out that I am eligible(as if I ever doubted it). First my sister got the call and from work to tell me, so I was like I'll call you back in case their trying to call me. As soon as I hung up they called, I mean like 30 seconds later. I'm very excited about the surgery and I don't have any doubts what so ever. So I go to see the doctor on April 12th, and that will mark the beginning of this journey for me. I'll check back in later.


March 15th It's been a little while so let me catch you all up. I finally have a Angel you all know her Kim (Mzgrown"n"sexy she has been very helpful to me, she shows me nothing but love.


On the 11Th I went for my sleep study, and I found out that my PCP's office did not send the referral to the sleep lab so I had to go back home,I was so upset cause my hubby called off of work and we really could not afford for him to miss a day of work, plus It was a far drive. The sleep lab called me the next to see if I was keeping the other appointment so I got all of the registration info and called my PC P's office and got that straightened out. Come to find out they haven't sent any of my referrals and the next day was my consult with Dr. Quinlin. Everything worked out fine, Dr.Quinlin was very nice.I found out that he has 27 years of experience in bariatric surgery and over 3,000 surgery's, Yeah I'm in good hands. On the 14Th I finally did the sleep study, it was hard cause they hook up all these wires to you and I couldn't get comfortable cause I was scared to pull the wires. I'm surprised that I slept for 2 hours( that's the minimum) for them to get any results. When I get my results I will post them.Until Later, Happy Easter


Well it's been a little while since I've last posted. I have had all of my testing done, and I am cleared for surgery , except I still have to finish my 6 month diet with the Dr, I'm currently approaching month 3 with that. A lot has been going on in my life. Me and my hubby have been getting closer and closer. The Lord is growing both of us, and we are growing together. I am so excited because of what the Lord is doing in our lives that I feel like shouting it from the roof tops. Jesus is my Lord, and I vow to never turn from him ever again in my life. Lord you are King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and I will forever praise your name. I thank you for what you have done in my life and for what you are going to do. Lord I'm ready to be obedient, I'm ready to seek you first. I know that a lot of people that read this won't be able to understand where I'm coming from, but I pray for your sake that you invite Jesus in to your life, if you do you will never be the same. Only my God can save you from the sins of this world. If your living life like there is no God you just better be right. The Lord has delivered me from so many things in my life, that I can no longer refuse him. He has answered so many prayers that I have prayed in faith. If you would like to learn more about this loving, faithful, and forgiving God please send me an email.



June 30th Well I went to the meeting( supervised diet) on the 28Th and it seems like every time I go I learn something new. I think that's what it's all about, if your pre op please learn all you can about the life change that you are about to make. Don't be stupid, and a year from now be like how come I gained this weight back. You have to understand that this is a tool, and that this alone is not going to get you to goal. It is a lot of eating correctly, and not forgetting your vitamins, along with other things. If you can't change the way you live now, what makes you think that you will change just because you had surgery. If that's what you think your sadly mistaken. This is not a joke this is for the rest of your life, don't do It because you wanna look like Beyonce, do it because you want to live healthy. Yes you might look good after, then again you might not a lot of people have 30+ lbs of extra skin, and that is something that you need to prepare for. With that said I hope that you have an uneventful and successful surgery. Work that tool !!!


It's July 21st, and I'm approaching my 4th visit with the nutritionist, I'm getting closer and closer. I took a before picture for my profile. This is the first full body picture that I will be posting. If I wasn't having RNY done I would never be posting a full body pic. I just want to take this chance to thank everyone that has helped contribute to me learning all about WLS. There are alot of you that I could thank but I'm not going to because I would leave so manny out. If you have never been on the Black American Forum please check it out there are so many supportive people there that are more than willing to help you with any questions that you may have.- God bless, I'll check back in soon. "It's nice to be nice"


Tuesday July 25Th 2006 People, people, people, this is just going so fast, and I'm so grateful. Today I went to my 4Th supervised diet with my nutritionist Sara, she is just wonderful , she sat their and listened to and answered all of me and my sisters questions. I truly Love Dr Quinlins staff, the ones I've met anyway. Well there scale is off by at least 15 lbs, but Sara doesn't believe me, but I swear it is because there is no way that I can gain 15lbs in 2 days, especially when I have been eating right. I'm starting to think that the scale is rigged, anyway it said that I gained 1 pound since last month. I'm going to work my behind off to try and lose. I want to start being a loser now, and let it increase when I have surgery. I asked Sara if it would be possible that me and my sister could have surgery the same day, and she said that it would be very likely. With that said my sister needs an angel if anyone is willing.


Check out her page her name is EGordon 007, she's not on Baf that much at all, as a matter of fact I don't think she has ever posted there. Wow!!!!!! I only have until October to have my surgery. I'm starting to get so obsessed about getting this done, every day I'm always thinking I can't wait for this day to be over.- Until later, May the Lord bless

 Folks check out my sisters profile, EGordon 007 http://beta.obesityhelp.com/morbidobesity/members/profile.php?N=G1142186699


July 27th wow! I'll be 23 in 2 days,it's kinda scary, because I'm just getting older. I know thats a big part of life, but why can't we have birthdays every 2 years I'm scared i'm gonna wake up, and I'll be 30 years old. Today me and my husband were not getting along very well right now, as soon as things are going the way you want then to the enemy tries to step in and destroy your family. I'm going to be in prayer for the rest of the week, because this has to pass. I think that we just need to go out with our friends, and get up from under each other. Well! If you believe in my God -Keep me in prayer.


Today I went to my 5Th supervised diet appointment, and it turns out that I lost 6 pounds since last time, I'm so happy to be losing. This was the last group meeting, I will be having my 6Th visit at Dr. Quinlins office on the 19Th. I'm so excited, I'm so close to submitting my paper work for approval,, then it's off to the races. Me and my sister are very fortunate that we are able to do this together, we've done everything together so far, were even having our last meeting at the same time. Well it's time to really time to buckle down and really watch my diet.


Things have been going very well with me and my hubby, you know sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's bad, but I thank the Lord that when things go bad they always turn around and get better. Me and my hubby are getting deeper and deeper into our faith. Last Sunday my husband received the fire baptism, and started to speak in tongues. I must admit, that has not happened to me yet, but I'm actively seeking the Lord, and I will receive the gift soon enough. TTYL


Well today is September 23rd. When I went for my office visit on the 19th I got my date. I'll be having surgery on October 9th . I can't explain how many thoughts are going through my mind, I'm so excited, but I have to admit that the other day I got a little scared. You know how that goes, I have faith that things will go smoothly, but I'm human so I got a little scared. I guess that can be expected though. I'm straight now. I feel kinda of bad because my sister dosn't have all her paper work in yet, but I did, and I accepted my date. Before we were saying that we wanted to do it on the same day. I hope she's not made at me, cause I guess I could be seen as a traitor.

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I want to give a shout out to my sister Erica - Nook(her nickname) I love you, and thanks for going through this with me.


Shannon -thank you for being my friend, I'm so happy to have your support. God puts people in our lives for a reason, and I'm greatful for you cause I feel like I have found a life long friend.


Yolanda -thank you for being a friend to me. Your day will come soon, and I will make sure to be here for you.


To my angel - thank you for volenteering for the job when no one else would


Tonya - Thank you for your support!! And thank you for being my sisters angel, I'll see you on the 9th (right)


There are so many that have extended there support and well wishes, I just want you all to know your appreciated!! Baf is a family that I'm happy to say I picked to be a part of. We have ups and downs just like every family but we forgive each other, and move on. I thank you all for being so very supportive of me. When you teach me something that I don't know I gain wisdom, and for that I'm greatful.


Today is October 5Th 2006 Yesterday I was on my way to my appointment to get my pre op physical, and Maria called form Dr.Quinlin's office, and she said that I got *****approved*****, I am so excited, now it is official I will be having surgery on Monday. Last week I got a letter saying that I was denied, because I had to have an upper endoscopy so I could be tested for H Pylori, and then on Monday they resubmitted the paper work. After my physical I had to go to my pre op appointment with Dr Quinlin, and Now I'm all set and ready to go.

I mentioned before that me and my sister were suppose to do this together, well she lost her insurance, and now she is trying to find another plan that will cover her surgery. Please pray for my sister, she has come all this way, and now she will have to wait, and that is very discouraging for her. I'll post again before surgery!


This has to change!!!!

1) I want to be able to wrap a towel around my body without any body party sticking out!!

2) I want to fit comfortable in the bath tub.*** Done 12-07-06

3) I'm sick and tired of my thighs rubbing together when I walk.

4) I want to wear sexy underwear for my husband.

5)I want to stop being afraid that I wont fit in the rides at the amusement park.

6) Be under weight limit (200lbs) to ride the slides at Sand Castle.

7) Wear heals comfortably.

8) wear Junior size clothes

9) Stop hearing "Jeana...... you would be a dime if you just lost some weight"

10) Stop being afraid that I'm going to break the furniture.**** I am confident 

11) Gain some self esteem (I don't have much at all)****Done

12) Stop being so passive. Quit being a door mat!! ***Done

13) Get over my fear of meeting people because I'm ashamed of my weight. Done 

14)Stop making the floor creek.

15) Be able to fun around with the kids.

16) Stop being out of breath after walking the steps.****Done  

17) Stop hearing my knees from making a creaking noise.***Done

18) See my pretty face again!! ***Done(I'm back ya'll 

19) Wear short sleeves, and shorts, and look good in them

20) Wear a bathing suite in public

21) Have smaller feet and hands

22) Stop feeling suffercated by my breast when I lay down

23) Stop eating everything in site***Done (my sugar free snacks sit in the cupboard for weeks) 

24) look sexy to myself *****Done 


It's October 8,2006 11:09pm Well today I've been an emotional wreck, I'm up and down, I get scared, then I realized that the Lord promised my that I will be fine, so then I'm OK.

 Earlier today (6AM THIS MORNING) I woke up with a sever pain in my left calf,so I automatically thought that it was a blood clot. I ended up going to the emergency room, but everything ended up being OK. I don't know if I'm creating this in my head or not , but that really hurt, it was worse than a charlie horse, but I guess that's all it was. Well I'm all set to go, I'm going to try and get sleep I'll talk to you soon!!!!!

Today is October 21st, and I'm almost 2 weeks out. First I just want to thank everyone on Obesity Help for all of the support. I went to my post op appointment on the 18th, and I was down 17 1/2lbs (God is good) I was thinking that it would be 20lbs, but I am satisfied with what the Lord has done for me. I pray the the Lord continues to bless me  and my weight loss.

December 9th

It's been a while since I last updated, but so much has changed. I havee so much confidence now, I look in the miror, and I just see sexy, my pants are falling down, and I can fit somethings I was unable to fit since last year.

When I was in surgery it took longer than expected, because I developed a bad bleed, and they had a problem getting it to stop, but after that I had only minor complications. At home I over did it a little, and pulled a few stitches. It took a little longer for me to heal, but I'm here now, the Lord has kept me.

When I went to my 1 month appointment I was down 42lbs, I was hoping for more, but I am greatful with the weight I have lost. I have to remind myself that this thing is not an over night process.

I got so tired of eating fat free refried beans, so I just had to eat what I could to survive, I couldn't eat that baby food it was horrible.

At thanksgiving I found out that I don't dump, and I know because I was able to eat some candied yams, and my yams have lots of sugar in them. Before folks start getting heated at me I made 2 pans, one was sapose to be with splenda, and one regular sugar, but I forgot to use the splenda, and it was my favorite holiday food (and I hooked them up) so I had to try some, I didn't go over- board, I couldn't if I wanted to. Not dumping was kind of disapointing to me, but I am still sticking with the sugar free smacks.

My computer was down for a while so I started to fall off the wagon, I never realized how much I depended on Baf for support. I mean Cookie always post the protein train, and water and vitamine challenges so I kind of really relied on that to keep me in check, so when the computer went down so did my accountability. I really have to start reaching out to some of my friends more so I can have that extra accountability, God  forbid Obesity help close down, what the heck would I do.

The first few weeks of my journey were easy, but when I hit week three I started chewing my food instead of eating the puree foods, but I did pay for it a few times, especially when I forgot to chew the heck out of my food. It felt like I had food stuck in my stomach, and that Is one of the worst feelings, but I learned from those experiances.

I had started to workout regulary, and when the computer when down so did my accountability, I mean I stopped all together, so I'm going to try and get back on the wagon for walking wedensday's. When people said that this journey would not be easy, they were not telling lies. This here journey is a hard one, but I have not come this far to fail, so It's on and crackin from this point on. Just because you fall off at times doesn't mean you have to stay off, "pick yourself up and try again"- Aaliyah.

At this point I don't know how much I have lost, and frankly I am afraid to buy a scale, because I am scared that I will obsess over every pound lost/or not lost.

Right before surgery the Lord came to me and told me to remove myself and family from our church.  I went to my husband with what the Lord told me, and we struggled with it. It was our family church, and he was in training to be a minister, and I was the deaconess, and the sunday school teacher. Those positions gave us a feeling of accomplishment, but we had to do what the Lord said do. To me this was the ultimate test of faith and obedience, because doing this was going to truly hurt some feelings. My mom (first lady), grandmother (mother of the church) and stepfather(pastor), so you can imagine how it hurt us to do it, but the Lord showed my husband after he showed me, and so we were obedient.

After leaving the church we didn' t go to any church for a month, and we started to slip into different temptations, but the Lord placed us in the church that we were in before my moms church. This church has always felt like home, but we left to try and support our family.

When we left, my husband was very down. He was no longer training to be a minister, and his sence of purpose seemed to waiver, and I told him that when the Lord has a purpose for your life it doesn't leave because of where you are, and  a few weeks later the Bishop told my husband that he wants to meet with him about ministrie training. We never told the Bishop about the former situation, how he was in training, but the Lord showed him, and now my husband knows that he has not missed his call.

When God has something for you to do he will find you a way to do it, it will come to you no matter where you are. Just like Joseph, everywhere he went he was the athority, nearly the ruler, even in prison. The Lord will use you anywhere, he knew your choices, and the plan for your life while in the womb *****Praise be to God

Yesterday I took the first bath in a few years, I never felt comfortable in the tub, but now I'm taking bubble baths, so I guess that was a major wow moment.

Happy New Year!!!

Today is Jan 1st 2007, and Iam officialy under 300 pounds. I weighed myself on Saturday, and I was at 296, thank the Lord, that is 60 pounds since surgery. I must say Iam pleased, but I was hopeing to be down 100 pounds by now, but Iam not mad at the 60 pounds being gone.

My eating habits were very good untill Christmas. I decided that I was going to make fudge for Christmas, and ended up darn near eating it all, and no I don't dump. I also made some for new Years, and Had a peice of cake (it's my hubby's birthday).  Now I am going to be more accountable, I'm not touching another peice of cake, I don't care how long it sits there. I also decided that I will not make any sweets that I can't make with splenda. - God Bless -


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