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Mar 07, 2010

I'm so ashamed when I logged on to post that I've not updated in over a year!!!  Life has been so busy.  I made it into the nursing program and am now in my 3rd semester.  I will be graduating in December and am so excited about the new opportunities that should come with that achievement. 

I've been maintaining my weight loss for the past 1-1 1/2 yrs now.  I get comments all the time from people that think I am still losing.  I'm not sure what is happening unless the weight is shifting to different areas, but the scales don't reflect any more loss.  I'm sure I could drop some pounds if I really put my mind to the exercise and diet, but I'm happy where I am.  I have gone from a size 26 at the beginning of my journey to a size 12-14 currently.  My loss to date is 120 lbs and sometimes fluctuates +/- 5 lbs or so.  I've never received any fills other than my 1/2 cc in the very beginning....I guess I've been blessed.  No problems at all with my band and I am convinced it's the best decision I ever made!!!


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