James Givens

"I met with Dr. Givens and he was awesome! I feel very comfortable knowing that he will be the one operating on me! He has done 100's of surgeries, both lap and open! He has another surgeon in the operating room with him at all times, this really made me feel like I was going to be in good hands! I would rate my surgeons at 10+! Dr. Givens and Stricklands office could make some positive changes to the nursing staff and the policy on returning phone calls. When someone has had surgery or is about to have surgery, they are already scare and would like to have their phone calls returned promptly. There is nothing I would change about Dr. Givens or Dr. Stickland, but I do think that a more qualifed staff to handle WLS patients could benefit their office. "

Grand Strand Regional

"The nurses did not help me with most of my care. My husband and friends stayed with me the whole time. So, they help me to the restroom and for my walks... etc."
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