My name is jeannie and i have been doing this on my own for quite awhile.  Recently I made the decision to come back to OH and talk to others who like me have had gastric bypass.  Sometimes it seems as if no one else understands.  Sometimes ppl want to stick you under a microscope and analyze every little thing you put in your mouth.  I know i am not perfect but i am trying really hard to get this second chance at life right.  Sometimes i eat a cookie or a sliver of cake and later when i am in the bathroom i regret it but i try and learn from my mistakes.

October 1, 2008
Wow it is already October my absolute favorite time of year.  I love love love Halloween and all things dark.  Can't wait for the kiddos to get their costumes Emmie has already said she wants to be Hannah Montana, Geremiah hasn't said yet i am sure he will decide soon.  Last year she was a devil and he was a dr.  All is going good this way i guess i still do my vits on a two hour schedule.  I feel alot better than i did and i don't think i am as irritable, i still need to find my copay money and go to the dang dr.  I know for a fact my iron is low just procrastinating as usual.  Man i am so lazy sometimes.

April 4, 2008

I have been maintaining a loss of 150 lbs and my weight is at 145 i allow myself a window of 5-8 lbs then i will stop drinking with my meals and not allowing myself as many carbs.  Tracking my daily calories and exercise with fitday and i must say i still fill like i am a hog sometimes, especially when my calories hit 1000.. I usually only get around 800 or so a day and i still fight this huge fight with myself over my head problems.  If anyone is wanting this as a quick fix to their weight loss they really need to rethink that, it is so not a quick fix and i get so tired of hearing how i took the easy way out.  I underwent a major surgery and risked my life at the chance to change my life.  I do not need anybody telling me how easy i have had it.  I still get head hunger and smells are awful especially with some foods even when you aren't wanting it the smell alone is there.  I mean i hate popcorn i just dislike it but if i smell it i want a bowl of it.  Sometimes i will eat a piece or two and be fine with it and sometimes i can ignore it.  I usually try to walk at least a mile in the afternoon but right now that is impossible after speed walking with my sister 1.7 miles the other day b/c i ended up with shin 
splints and that is no party for me it really hurts when i try to walk.
If you are thinking of having this surgery good luck to you i wish you all the joy in the world with it.  I would not change the fact that i did it, i love my results.  I think God everyday for this tool.


We have had a horrible virus down here in nappy valley and i hope it has not hit any of you.  It strikes at all times, one minute you will
feel fine the next it is coming out both ends.  Don't know what it is
but my son missed almost a week of school and hubby missed work 
b/c of it.  It has hit everyone on the road i live near and some two or
three times.  If it hits you i hope it is over quick for you.  
On a lighter note the kids are on spring break this week WHOO HOOO.  No plans just spending quality time with them.  ttyl

I am patiently awaiting my surgery date and ready to begin my new life....  :)

12/10 went for the pre surgery things like barrium xrays, lab work, talk to hospital personel to update charts and records, paid my copays,

2:15 went to see dr. agagan for the breathing tests, lab work, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and EKG, then waited in the room for him he showed me my xrays, joked around w/ me and had me in a good mood, then when i thought it was over he comes over with my folder saying he will clear me for surgery EXCEPT for the fact that one of those stupid breathing tests were off it was something like 66.67% and should have been 80-120%.  I could have screamed, then he asked if i had been on diet pills i said yes when i was younger he said i needed an echocardiogram.  Anyway i can't get clearance until after monday the 15th..... oh plz God hear my prayers and let all be well with my heart and just let it be that i am to fat to get all the oxygen in that i needed for the test...... plz plz plz I will update again on Monday.  So if you are here looking at my site plz pray for me and my heart. THANKS


Well today is 1-2-04 and i had an appointment with Dr.Ringold to confirm my test results and see if i had questions. All was well all tests were normal and i weighed in at 290.2lbs.  Surgery is Tuesday the 6th at 9am, need to be there at 7am and all will hopefully be well.  Please pray for me i believe in the power of prayer.  Also i have an angel it is G.K. of the Bama boards Gail is the best. Thank you Gail for being my angel. We talked on the phone tonight and she is the nicest person.

Well today is 1-10-04 and i am finally home, The surgery went well and all is fine, i am a little sore but nothing major.  Need a little help getting dried off as i can not bend at the waist for a month.  My surgery took about 2 hours it was done lap. so i have 6 little incisions.  Did alot of walking in the hospital and my legs are a little sore but i think it is from walking to keep blood clots away. I weighed in at 288 the day of my surgery. Friday the 16th is my first checkup so i will update with new info that day.

1-16-04 today is friday and my first official checkup to see how i was.  Well the first thing i had to do was weigh in and guess what i am down 14 lbs from the 2nd. I couldn't get off the scale i kept waiting on it to go up i even shifted a couple of times but no change. YAY YAY  

  Spoke with the PA and he wanted me to begin my vitamins and calcium which i had already started the only thing i had not started was the B-12 which i stopped by GNC today and picked some up. Cherry flavored 120 count box 19.96 a box. ouch but hey it will last 120 days.

  Also spoke with the Dietician today she wanted to know how much i was eating and what were the times how much water?  Well i am eating 2 oz at each meal i eat 3 x a day. I have tried to increase to 3 but i get so sick with a full feeling like overstuffed.... blah!!! She said most of the others are on 6 meals a day. Well i have to just about force myself to eat the 3 i couldn't imagine 6.  So we compromised by saying if i was up late i would add a snack on.  Stopped by walmart and picked up the atkins strawberry shake for protein. YUCK>>>>> i just don't know it is a mix between gag and nasty. Gonna find something else. I tried the isopure water but who the heck can afford them each bottle has 40 grams but you need 60 a day so you would tech. need at least one bottle a day and they are like 3.50 a piece. i can't afford them.... more power to the ones that can. I have been craving pickles dill ones. So i asked today about the juice she said she thought the vinegar would be a little strong but said maybe a little like 4th of an ounce every now and then.  She also suggested i just put one in my mouth and get the juice out and not eat it. Apparently she doesn't know my tongue it seems to want to push food on down, or it did before surgery anyway, not much to push with the cream of chicken soups and all lol.Well i will close this up today by saying Good luck to all preops hope you get all you want outta life. 276lbs. yeah 14 lbs gone.........but not forgotten.

Well i had said that i wasn't going to weigh until i went back to the doctor, but those evil scales were calling me and i went and had a look at them I weighed in at 260lbs. WOOHOOO 34lbs down in 3 weeks. YAY FOR ME>>>  I was so thrilled with this. 
Me and my husband went to andalusia to find some protein mix and after he wanted to eat so i said lets go to KFC and i will get mashed potatoes and gravy and you can get what you want. Well he wasn't to happy b/c he wanted Golden Corral but he went to KFC anyway.  Well i got potatoes and gravy and i took a bite and i felt like it didn't go down, but i took another one a few minutes later, i swear i could feel it going down my throat. Kenny asked was i okay and i said yes then i ran to the bathroom, i didn't think i was going to make it, i was puking up the potatoes and gravy.  Well i was through with those and don't think i will ever try them again. BLAHHHHH.  I will update again on the 13th.


friday(1-30) we went to kfc and i got mashed potatoes and gravy ate about 3 bites and ran to the bathroom
couldn't keep them down i could feel them sliding down my chest then just stop.  well we went home
and mom said maybe try liquids for a few days i said nah prob, they use real milk. dumb me.... well
all was good sat till about 8pm and i threw up my nightly v8 juice.  i have been craving v8 juice so that
made me mad. well that continued through monday.  tuesday i threw up my cottage cheese for
breakfast so i knew something was wrong.  I called the doctor's office they said come in and see
Weinstein. well we get there and i go back and Weinstein doesn't see me but the Physicians assistant
does, no biggie i have saw him since my surgery so i think nothing of it.  Well he says what do you think
is wrong and i said well i think i have a stricture.  He kinda laughs and says well i think you are not
emptying your stomach before eating again. HA HA.... Well he orders an upper GI to get me to hush i
think because i kept saying stricture.  He says if the Gi shows nothing then go home and only eat
once a day. 2oz and protein shakes is all he wants me to eat.  Then i go for that nasty GI and i had
to drink about 3 swallows of that stuff and then on the fourth it wouldn't go down i said that one isn't
going anywhere. THe radiation doc said yeah i can see that.  Well i have to wait and wait then the
girl comes in and says the doctor needs you back upstairs. SO i knew something was wrong.  Well
i go back up and Dr. Hannon comes in and says we think maybe you have a kink in your intestines. but
it could be something else. and we are going to let you stay a couple of days till we find out.  Then
Mike the PA comes in and says did he tell you i said yes. He says he thinks b/c my levels were up my
pancreatitis has come back. i said i hope not.  Then he leaves and they bring my papers in and i go to
the bottom to wait on a bed.  Finally at around 8pm i get a room and they tell me i am going for a Cat
the next day. Around 6 they wake me and let me know they are going to bring the barium to drink
for the scan around 8 they bring it and 10 min later they come back wanting to know why i had not
finished all three bottles.  okay each bottle is 250 ml  well i told her i had gastric bypass and no way
could i drink all that in a fast about of time.Well 10 min. later she comes back and says finish one
bottle put the tampon in and we will send you down.  I did and i called the station for her and i get a
smart a$$ who says well you still are going to have to drink the rest of them before we send you any
where. UHHHHH.... Well i didn't and went down and i did manage to drink 2 but couldn't drink the
other, well  i had the cat scan and it showed nothing so they let Dr. Furgeson do the scope down
my throat and low and behold i have a stricture....... THANK GOODNESS.   SO i wake up in the
middle of them trying to dialate my opening. not fun i tried to pull the scope out so now my throat
is raw.  Well they gave me large amounts of drugs to knock me out.  Then wanted to redo it on
Friday but Dr. Ringold said i could go home and wait until it gave me probs again. YES i love that
man.... Well dr. furg. won't say if i woke up or not i think he hopes i forgot . don't believe i can forget
that. lol  Well after i came back i kept throwing up blood from the procedure and it was freaking me
out, they give me phenegan for the nausea it doesn't work, so Kenny went to ask for something else
the nurse comes in and says are you throwing up b/c your throat hurts or are you throwing up b/c you
are sick. I said i am sick.... so they give me something else don't know what but i passed out on the
toilet and woke up with kenny saying are you okay. don't know how long i was in there.  After that i
was out like a light until about 3 am. i felt like a pin cushion i have bruises all over my arms from
the ivs and the lab work each day.  I had an allergy band on saying use paper tape only and i had to
stop 3 different ppl from trying to use real tape on me.......

Well here is the funny part my diet was suppose to be clear gastric bypass liquids(ex. sf popcicles, sf tea, sf jello) they brought me apple juice with
28 grams of sugar.... popcicle with 20 grams of sugar.....  one full coffee cup of broth...... and one full
cup of coffee with real sugar packets not sweet and low........ Well i complained and they said it would
be fixed by lunch well here is lunch  same thing except this time they bring grape juice with 28 grams of


2-13-2004  Oh no Friday the 13th lol....

Went back in for my regular checkup today, got to see Dr. Ringold, he wanted to know about the stricture and how i was doing.  I told him all was fine *knock on wood* he seemed concerned i still had bruises from the hospital.  I admit they look hideous. large bluish purple.   He said i needed to keep my meals to once a day and be careful with the protein shakes try not to get in to many calories or you will not lose as much weight.   I think i am doing alright with the calories i try to get around 600 i think i do.  I am struggling with the protein shakes still searching for one i like.  Tonight i placed an order to for tasteless protein and 2 samples i can't wait for them to arive.  On the docs scale i weighed in at 260 on my scales i weigh 255 so i am going with the docs for now.. maybe one day they will match up.:):)


Went to the doctor on March 12th 2004

Today i weighed 245 on their scales and 240 on mine so go figure... Either way it is on track weight loss according to the doctor.  He said i was clear till june 23rd so i don't have to go back until then.   Me mom and emma all went to day and had a girls day out.  Went to the mall and while they ate at chic fil a i went to gnc and got a protein drink.


sat. march 13th.

went back to mobile with the family, walmart had a nice patio set on sale for $159 and a grill for $92 so we got those and went to the flea market.  Stopped to look at some ole english bulldog puppies so cute, asked the price and she didn't even choke when she said 2500$. I didn't think they were that cute. ha ha.  All in all it was an enjoyable day, the weather was so beautiful and the skies so blue. I think it was like 80 degrees today. wow it is only march.
Well i will go and update later.

sun. April 11, 2004 EASTER!!!

Today was Easter and believe it or not we had 57 people at my Grandmothers house for it.  We had a huge crawfish cookout on saturday after my uncle got here from Mississippi.  Then on sunday we had to much food really they were sending plates with people, to keep from wasting it. All in all we had a blast with all the kids. I weighed 230lbs today so that is a total of 64lbs so far. nice if i do say so myself.
will update later.

Sun. May 9, 2004 Mother's Day

My babies got me a new outfit shorts size 18 and shirt size 22. Yes i have a very large top and i don't like my shirts tight. and a new pair of shoes needed those, the others i had top buckle tore off. Sat around the house most of the day and then went and got the stuff for a cook out and Kenny grilled some pork chops, mom cooked some veggies and made a blueberry cobbler while i made a brownie. We didn't know what the other was making. lol.  Any hoo when all was done we went to mom's to eat it was a nice day i think. I ate a little bit of pork chop cut up real well and less than a tsp of beans.  We went to andalusia after to meet a woman about some rabbits and we ended up buying the kids two new baby rabbits. One tan and one black and white.  I weighed today and it said 216 so that is a total of 78lbs so far. WOW>>>>>>!!!  I gotta run will update later.


May 20,2004 Thursday

Saw my brother today haven't seen him in a while and i must say
i was surprised he said to me don't lose any more weight you are
making me look bad. I said i am sorry to disappoint but i want to lose about 65 more at least.  I said i bet i still weigh more than you and he said i doubt it and i didn't He weighs 222 and i weigh 211... Whoooo Hooo for me..... I don't recall ever being smaller than him especially since my teens.  I am excited....  Also saw Uncle Robbin and he said i was looking good with the weight loss. Then we went to town shopping for new bathing suits for the beach and i bought get this a size 16/18... I haven't wore that size in so long.  Any who i tried it on for Kenny tonight and he was complimenting me on how my stomache seems to be disappearing. I laughed and said it is still there just hidden and he said no it is really going away. Sometimes i can see it and sometimes i can't (the weightloss.) I am floating on cloud nine tonight with 3 compliments in one day. that is enough to give anyone a big head..... I love this surgery. Weight today was 211 -83lbs....... YAY


June 16, 2004....
Weighed today and i weighed in at 201 i am so happy to be almost in the century club.  Spent last week in MS had a blast hated to come home.  The kids didn't want to come home either.  Grandpa just finished his second round of treatment for his cancer it has went from his lungs to his brain, he is depressed alot and i can't say i blame him.  I am hoping when he goes in next week that it will be in remission again.....

I also have to go to the doc next week Wed. doubt i get to see doc prob. just the pa but oh well i am excited to weigh on their scales i know they are off from mine.  -93lbs. Happy Days....


June 23, 2004 Wednesday

Dr. Day  well it was a quick trip to mobile and i saw Dr. Lane today.  I weighed in on there scales at 199.2 YAYYYYYY, i am finally below 200 i don't know how long it has been since that has happened.  I am in a 16/18 most of my 18s are getting to big for me, i love this i love to shop for clothes now from goodwills or thrift stores, don't see the sense in paying alot of money for something i am only gonna be able to wear for a month or so. I am in the process of getting a true preop photo on here the one you see here now is an illusion it was taken after my baby was born and i lost 40lbs with my pregnancy.


July 4th 2004 Sunday

Well i just got home from the hospital had to stay the night.  Went to the er last night after suffering  all day with terrible gas pains.  Spent 3 hours in the er and they kept me overnight not knowing if it was ibs or a blockage.  Needless to say the pain was gone the next day and they think it is most likely ibs.  I had to get potassium b/c it was low and lets just say it hurts like a mo fo. It felt like i had a charlie horse in the iv spot from it.  So 24 hours in the hospital and i came home.  My grandfather is in bad shape he is in the last stage of terminal cancer and have been staying at his house alot.  Good news i weighed today and i am in the century club.  I weighed exactly 194lbs. Weigh to go for me...... DOWN DOWN DOWN.  I bought me a new dress the other day size medium YAY..... I will try and post a pic of me in it.


July 15, 2004 Thursday

Today was one of the worst days of my life my Grandpa passed away Monday night at 11:35 pm.  We buried him today with a military funeral with the 21 gun salute and the flag presentation and taps. My grandpa was a great man.  I am so sad about his death but i am happy he didn't suffer.

Memory of Beaners grandpa
In loving memory of Beaners grandfather

What a difference he made in my life

September this year without him to her won't be the same

But to her it'll be 57 years of a lifetime in her heart

Memories alive forever playing

From this man who worked 37 years

On the gulf shores
One thing time can't erase is the love his

put on his face

One of his last words from a man who his family well deserved

Thus he felt as the richest man in the world because

his family was worth million in his eyes

Now looking back upon he now is watching us from above

After all this time what a difference he made in our lives

One thing I have still here with me inside is his love


Michelle R Young

Copyright ©2004 Michelle R Young">

Also i am down to a size 14 some 12s. I weigh 191">

8-4-04 Wednesday.  Wow summer is almost gone and it has really flown, school starts back on monday the 9th and both my little ones will be in it. K4 and kindergarten.  What will i do with all that time on my hands lol.... Yeah right.  I am down to 184 and i got a bike from my cousin a couple of weeks ago and me and the kids have been riding alot.  Today was a busy day i helped my hubby cut the grass and rode bikes with the kids and then i went and cooked supper for my grandmother (lasagna) i could have never done it all in one day before my surgery.  I thank God every day for it.  
Here is a picture of me on my bike.">

8-22-04 Sunday Stephen's birthday yay

Tonight was my brother's birthday sweet 22, so we had him a steak dinner out at my gramma's house.  Happy birthday Stiffie............  I am in the process of looking for a job and i am down to 175. YAY

9-09-04 Thursday

the kids have been in school for a month now.  They both seem to be enjoying it. football season is here and i am thinking about taking them to the game tomorrow night since it is a home game.  Down to 170 and size 12, with medium in elastic things. size large shirts. Been staying busy out at my gramma's and with my mom trying to keep them busy so they don't dwell on the fact that grandpa is gone, i miss him so much and i know they do also. will update later.

9-26-04 Sunday

Today is sunday and the kids go back to school tomorrow after being out for a week and a half for Ivan.  Boy he was quite a pain while he was here that is for sure.  He pulled down about 4 trees in our yard one missing our house by about an inch the limbs were on it that is howclose it was.  I am currently still searching for a job with no such luck yet, Sat. i took a test for a job with the state so maybe i will hear from them soon.  I will keep my fingers crossed and then  the ninth of October i take another one with them for IT technician.  Maybe i will get one of them..  I currently weigh 164 and the weight loss is slowing down but i don't mind b/c it gives my body a chance to pick up.  I only want to lose about 14 more pounds and i am in no big hurry, it will come i know it.  I have also started eating more up to about 4 meals a day instead of just one.  The doctor didn't suggest this but i did in hopes of keeping myself healthy.  Sample menu of my day
Breakfast:  Yogurt carb countdown or atkins 4 oz.
snack: protein shake with carb countdown milk
lunch:  atkins pizza just the toppings off of half of one
supper: 1/2 of baked pork chop 1 small piece of potatoe cut with dash of sour cream. hot sauce and bbq sauce less than tsp of each.
snack: sugar free banana pudding less than a smidgen. lol
Liquids prob. about 80 oz.

October 16, 2004 Saturday!!!
well it is getting closer Halloween that is my favorite season of all.  Yesterday was my weekly weigh in and i weighed 160lbs only 8 more to go and i will be at goal.  YAY!!!
Me and my sister got a job just for the holidays right now but i hope it could turn into a full time thing.  It is not that bad right now we just take call in orders on the phone for a candy company.  But they said if it turned permanent it would be at the retail store.  Well it pays green stuff so i won't fuss. LOL
Well i will update later..

10-29-04 friday party at GG's house
a halloween costume party for the kids that is and here is a pic of me and Geremiah and EmmaRae... aren't we beautiful......">

February 2, 2005
new year new me.!!!
wow apparently i lost a couple of months of my profile. Ouch that hurts. But an update i am down to 144lbs and trying to stop losing weight.  I myself could do with losing about 10-15 more but everyone else says no no no you are to small now.  I am in a size 9 which is weird b/c i was originally a size 28.  Well i will update more later oh my birthday is in a few weeks if anyone wants to send me gifts LOL Just kidding. no really feel free to send all the presents you want.  Happy note my hubbyy just bought me a new home 2004 32x76 beautiful 3 br and 2 bath we are in the process of getting it moved onto our land so we can get moved in. It is so nice and so roomy compared to what we have now. later

April 15th the dreaded tax day....
oh and did i say i hate ignorant ppl...  i am so tired of some ppl trying to put me under a microscope to see what i am eating, i hate to tell anyone outside of here that i have had surgery b/c once they know they start watching everything that you put in your mouth and become the food police... URGGGGHh just leave me alone already with what i eat...  I am down to 141 and i bounce back and forth between that and 146 i am trying to get down to at least 135 but i am not fretting it thinking seriously about a tummy tuck and a booby job b/c i have went from a 46dd to a non exsistant 36c where oh where have my boobies gone.... later

June 11, 2005
alot has happened to me since the last update and i believe i keep losing some of my profile so i am fixing to start saving it on my puter so it doesn't happen anymore... so note to all
keep a copy of your profile... :)

still looking in to plastics just got to start searching for a dr. so if you all know a good one let me know...

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july 12,2005
well can you believe it school is almost back on where has the summer gone?  i have an interview tomorrow at the post office and i hope they can work around my schedule w/ my other full time job since this one is a temp but it is 16.24 an hour so i am trying to do both... wish me luck.

here is a picture on my brother in laws harley, with him...

" alt="Image hosted by">

november 14, 2005 MOnday part one... lol

well i stay pretty busy most of the time working 10 hour days and when i am not working i try to do things with my family,  Geremiah played football and they had a banquet on saturday nite where he received a trophy for playing and he also was voted by the cheerleaders mr football so GO GEREMIAH GO!!  Emmie was in a beauty pageant a couple of weeks ago although she did not place i thought she was the best looking one out there.



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