Still alive!

May 14, 2011

Again, it's been a LONG time but I logged in and thought I would
leave a post. I am about 160lbs right now and holding strong.
I am happy at this weight...for now.
My hopes are to have some plastics done in the future.
Right now, I can't get any other surgeries done as I don't
have insurance and can't afford it at this time. BUT I am
looking forward to it in the future. Hope everyone is doing well!!!
Hang in there and keep smiling!! BIG HUGS! :)

Still here

Oct 02, 2009

I'ts been  a long time, I know. I see a lot of people sort of fade away when they finish with the business and excitement of their lives.  I have gone way past goal.  I'm battling with anemia right now and malabsorption of iron but other than that am doing pretty good managing at 135 to 140.  My original goal was to reach 160, so it's great to go beyond that!  Life is so different now and I'm very happy with the weight loss.  I am not thrilled about my problems with absorption and now look forward to corrective surgery (plastics).  Hope all is well with everyone!

Still alive, still losing!

Apr 12, 2008


I'm still on track, weight loss is slower but still happening! I feel pretty good and have been working hard and haven't had much extra time for anything at all. Working closer towards goal now and looking forward to plastic surgery!!


Mar 03, 2008

  Well, I've finally reached 1-derland. My weight loss is slower now, definitely. I have been feeling much better. I also got my hair cut and changed my look and it feels great! I am SOOO looking forward to Spring!!



Jan 28, 2008

I can't believe how much weight I've been dumping off lately. It's such a great feeling. I'm probably jinxing myself now but it's been great the last couple of weeks. Well, it's almost time to say goodbye to 200 forever!!! Scale said "200" this morning. I almost cried! I'm so excited to step to the other side!!! This is so awesome, this is going to be the best spring and summer ever!!! YAY!


Jan 27, 2008

7 POUNDS UNTIL 1-derland!!!!

Jan 24, 2008

  Well, I'm reaching the bend in the road where I can actually SEE 1-derland ahead!!! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WOW, this has been really fast. Actually, it has slowed down quite a bit but yet it still feels like it's blowing by. I know I seriously have to update pics but I haven't had a chance yet. I will honestly try to do so soon.

Work is still VERY busy. I am off this weekend but still will probably be catching up on paperwork...LOL. I am SOOO looking forward to the warm season ahead!! I don't think I've looked forward to Spring and Summer so much in YEARS!!! This is awesome!!!

So, my Puggle had babies the night before Christmas Eve. She had 7 pups, though we lost one of them. So, there are 3 girls and 3 boys. They are Pug-Mastiffs, the first of the breed!! My Puggle mated with my Bull-Mastiff. Of course we were NOT planning that. She did just fine and they are almost ready for their new homes. We are just giving them away of course. I am pretty certain all have been chosen by people. There may be one girl left. They are SOOOOO darn cute!!

Anyhooo.... life is good!!



Jan 18, 2008

Over 100 Pounds Lost in 4 1/2 Months!!!

Dec 30, 2007

Well, it's been 4 and a half months since my surgery and I have to say I never anticipated losing this much weight this fast.  Things are slowing down a bit now and I'm not losing as fast as I was but I think the minor complications had something to do with it.

I've been feeling pretty good.  I am now taking 1/2 the blood pressure dose per day.  My BP has been normal but I do have an electrical problem in my heart that causes me to have a rapid heart rate at times that is not weight related.  I need a procedure called ablation done to fix it.  If it wasn't for that I would be off the Metoprolol all together!!  

I feel so much better physically, I have so much more energy.  I can cross my legs now without difficulty!!!  I used to be a size 26 in jeans...I'm down to an 18!!! YAY!!! (I'm 1 size away from the other side of Fashion Bug!!!!)

The goal that I set to lose 100 pounds before my 40'th B-day is now reached, 9 months early!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!

So, Christmas was great, my mom and her hubby flew up from Florida and stayed for a week.  It was extremely busy. It was a great time though to share with the family and it created memories that will last forever.  

My job is taking most of my time now.  I don't have much time for anything between the work and the paperwork.  I'm still getting the hang of it all.   I'll spend my entire day off today catching up on  "fun"

So, that's about it for now!! I hope to take some new pics soon!!

I made this card... I've read that OH doesn't make them anymore, so I dubbed over my info!!! LOL!!!  Big Hugs!!



Dec 11, 2007

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Still alive, still losing!
7 POUNDS UNTIL 1-derland!!!!
Over 100 Pounds Lost in 4 1/2 Months!!!