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BOOM! You did that!!

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Tomorrow is 2 weeks!? I’m still feeling great. I went back to work on Monday and though I was a little tired when I got home, don’t know if it was just a crappy day or if I wore myself out. Surgery is hard work regardless of having sleeve or not. T

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Well I’ve made it to 1 week post op! I’m feeling great. Haven’t had any real pain since about day 2-3. I go back to work Monday and I’m brainstorming about how to get everything in(fluids, protein etc). I’m a cardiovascular surgical tech and

jendanger007 wrote Day 1 Post op 8 months, 1 week ago

today has been pretty good. I did start getting annoyed with hospital staff the last few hours before being discharged. I have been able to drink broth, ate some jello and have been sipping water a...

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Had my robotic VSG w/bonus hernia repair (had no idea I had a hernia) this morning at 7:30. Got up to walk and potty right when I got back to room. Walking was surprisingly easy? I had “braced myself” for major pain(knocking on my table lol) I’m

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I’m in Jacksonville, Florida. We are getting ready for Dorian. Are there any of you also in Florida or along coastal regions bracing for impact?

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Sounds delicious. There is a cafe that serves avocado and gg salad...

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My dr called me yesterday and asked if I could come in sooner than my sept 11th appointment. I am off today, so I went in. AND WALKED OUT WITH A SURGERY DATE!!?!?! Yep, Sept 19th! I start my preop diet on Sunday. (Because I have plans to be out of town

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Congrats! Ur killing it!!

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i know it’s silly but I’m ADDICTED to Diet Coke. I know I have to quit drinking it before surgery. What are some ways you guys kicked the carbonation??

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Hello all. My name is Jennifer. I’m 41 years young and divorced mom of 3 great sons. 4 years ago, I reached my highest weight around 240ish. I decidedly then, I’d buckle down and shed the weight. And I did! I lost 60lbs dieting, walking and riding

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