Insurance approval Day!

Jan 26, 2009

Today i got my insurance approval letter in the mail, and according to my surgeon's office should have a date sometime tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous.
Today was a harder day for me eating wise, and well dealing with people at work who don't agree with my decision. I have come to terms with my decision and feel that I have come into this with much more knowledge than most people considering my best friend and mother are both over a year out!
I'm ready and if I could go tomrorow I would go happily.
I'm discouraged though because I did slack off during the time between my appointments with the dietician, psychological evaluation etc and gained some weight, when i went to see the surgeon on the 13th, their scales showed me up 12 lbs... which although different then my scales, was enough! Of course, Dr. Toder was not happy with me and I understand that I need to show I'm serious about this. Our goal ( and I say ours because it's Dr. Toder's orders too) are for me to be at 350 by surgery and I go for a follow up at Dr. Toder's on the 27th of February and if i'm not making progress then she won't do the surgery. I think i needed this wakeup call as stupid as that sounds, but my head is what gets me in trouble, I have a "screw it attitude sometimes" which means I eat crappy sometimes.... I need to stop!
Thank goodness for my mom's support through this and for telling me about this website today... I'm very excited about connecting with people on here and staying motivated!
Well, that' s it for today!


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