My stricture was stretched!

Aug 22, 2007

Dr Sloan felt that 10 days was way too long to wait and got me in sooner at the endoscopy center.  I went back today and had the little pouch exit stretched to 12MM, the largerest Dr Sloan will go...LOL, and I am feeling great so far!  Had myself a sf-ff???-Zesto small dish on the way home, some delimeat wrapped around a cheese stick later and was in heaven!    

Thanks goodness for caring surgeons!  

Six weeks post-op

Aug 20, 2007

I decided it was time to start my blog.  I am six weeks post-op and mostly my experience has been positive.  I am struggling with a stricture, however which sucks.  It started around two weeks ago with me getting sick on a few first I thought I had just ate too much or too fast.  But I keep getting the feeling of things getting stuck.  I started eating softer and softer foods, basically only my protein shakes, soft cheese and yogurts.  Those started getting stuck too.  My Dr decided to send me in for endoscopy, which I had earlier today.  They found a stricture and a small ulcer, but since it was an office visit, he said he didn't have a tool to fit in my tiny hole.  So I have to wait TEN WHOLE FRICKING DAYS for it to be dilated in the hospital.  

I am a little ticked that I have to wait so long, I just want to be able to eat a little without fear of pain or getting sick.  But hopefully in 10 days I will be feelling better and eating more.  At least I am not very hungry.  

I am also very afraid of not being able to get my liquids and vitamins down.  Yes, I have gotten sick on my vitamins....heck I have actually gotten sick on hot tea.  HOT TEA was my cure-all earlier on when something got stuck.  How the heck do you get sick on hot tea?????  Okay, I now know that once the pouch is irritated, leave it alone for a few hours...but still, hot tea?   

My energy levels haven't been that great either, especially since I do not get my protein and liquids in everyday lately.  ( I was doing great before, but now have a lot of fear and a grouch pouch).  So I do not feel like exercising much or anything and I am finally at the point where I am cleared for more than just walking.  

Oh well, hopefully my next entry will be more positive.  I am still happy with my decision to have this surgery and I hope that things improve. 

Current weight is 258.  I can't wait to get below 250!  

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My stricture was stretched!
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