Sleepy Time Tea

Jan 30, 2013

I had a pretty brutal day in work today.  Had to store grades for the elementary schools, and there were some glitches with the report cards.  Overall not the worst time, but still hard to deal with that when I had work men TALKING non stop in my office for the 1st and last hours of the days.  They were nice, but very, very vocal!  I also was working on a very tedious report all day long, so my patience was a bit thin.  There is also a whole bunch of drama going on over our contracts, so overall, today gave me a headache!  In the past, I would definitely be ending my night mindlessly snacking and drinking wine.  I love the fact that I have finally identified this very bad and unnecessary habit.  I came home and made dinner, ran to the gym and did my Aqua Zumba class (that I LOVE!), came home and ate 2 braised chicken thighs and steamed veggies, and now I'm having my Sleepy Time Tea while I watch Top Chef. I'm still not "dieting" but I decided I will not snack or have wine this week after dinner.  I am trying to get myself out of my bad habits before my surgery.  I can't wait to go to the meeting at the surgeon's this feels like a month since I made the appointment!  I can't wait to have a ticker at the bottom of my screen tracking my weight loss progress :)


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