Picture this : 5yrs old, I was in preschool and had peed my pants.  I was crying from embarrassment from the incident, and the fact that the other kids were laughing at me.  The "teachers" took me into the back room where they kept play clothes for kids just in case accidents like these happened.  I was then told I was too fat and they did not have clothes for a kid my size, so that they all would have to go to goodwill and buy me a pair if they could not get ahold of my mom to bring me something.  While waiting for mom or whoever to show up with some extra pants for me I overheard the "teachers" laughing and snickering about how fat of a kid I was and If I was their child they would be embarrassed. 

Thats probably the first time I realized I was different from all my friends, I was FAT.  I came home crying alot from "PRESCHOOL" from being made fun of due to my weight.  I sit back and read this as I am typing, and think...how crazy does this sound! But its soo true!  And of course as many chunky kids that was just the beginning of my depressed childhood of getting made fun of at school from then on.  I remember how uncomfortable the school desks were as I got older, how I was embarrassed to get in and out of the desk because the desk would always move with me....heck this list can go on and on...so Ill stop there. 

Growing up, I had the best childhood at home however!  My mother is my completely best friend in the world.  She played with me and my brother and made life as fun as possible for us!  From water balloon fights, tie-dying t-shirts out in the backyard, snow cream in the winter, sleigh riding, my mom did it all! I think she tryed making up for how I got treated other places and she did one hell of a job! 

Still to this day, my mom is my best friend and has been there for me through alllllll the many many diets I have tried to lose weight.  From buying my meals at weight watchers at age 10, to gym memberships, to LA weightloss programs, to cooking different at home for the whole family because I was watching what I was eating, to going through seminars for gastric bypass surgery 4yrs prior to me having the surgery.  Then being there for me 120% through every single one of my dr visits leading up to my surgery, holding my hand in the hospital before they took me to surgery, and waking up to her hand in mine after surgery.   I dont know if I could had made it this far without the love and support from my mother, and I will always be soo very greatful! 

I know I keep skipping around but..... here's how my surgery adventure went : 

At 272 (maybe my heighest weight) 5'4 and 19years old, my doctor sat me down and told me about gastric bypass surgery, and how he would like for me to learn more about it and attend a seminar.  He advised me this would be my best option at my age and my familys health patterns of high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer..and so on and so on.  I went home that day and thought, I am not ready for "surgery" just yet...give me one more try and Ill do this on my own!  OK soooo I was wrong.  About 4years later and $1500 or more in debt with LA Weightloss I decided I did need the extra help, and this "tool" for me to lose weight. 

I went to St. Joe East, In Lexington, Ky to start my new life journey.  My insurance "Aetna" required me to have a 3mo medical weight loss program before they would approve to cover me for the surgery.  After 3 SHORT months (man, they flew by) I was approved and ready for surgery with Dr. Josh Steiner as my surgeon. 

On Sept. 28,2006 I was given my chance for a new life!!  My surgery went smooth as ever, came out of recovery early b/c I was doing good.  I asked my nurse about 2hrs after surgery if I could get up and try to walk the halls alittle (b/c I heard the quicker you start walking the better off you would be)  Needless to say, I was walking like a maniac the whole time I was in the hospital "which was just 2 days =) "  No Pain, from surgery at all...just alittle gas pain discomfort...and man that'll getcha!! I came home, and momma took care of me =) bless her... I went back to work  2 weeks after my surgery.  Now I am 1 month post op, and have my next appointment on Nov 6th.  My birthday is Nov 9th soooo Im hoping good news for my birthday ... maybe 35-40lbs lost and gone forever???? That would just be the best b-day gift in the world!!  *Ive cheated and stepped on my scales..they are saying 35lbs gone gone gone...but we'll see what the doc scales say next week*  WISH ME LUCK!!!

(((((( So I know Ive wrote a book here, and if anyone has actually got through it and read it all Im real sorry lol =)  Its about 2am and I cant sleep so here I am just ramblin and ramblin .... but THANK YOU soo much for reading about my life and story. 

Thanks again,




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