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Feb 27, 2015

I am 2-3days post op depending on how you count. I am still feeling pretty rough. I am unable to hardly drink anything, let alone consume my protein shakes. I am not in a lot of pain, just extremely nauseated. I am only taking small sips of water but sometimes it still makes me throw up. sometimes it is clear while other times it is not. The only issue with pain that i really have is where my JP drain is. I wish it would have came out in the hospital but my surgeon likes to leave it in for a week. I was told the colors would go from what he called "pink lemonade" to regular "lemonade" Surprisingly mine is already switching over to the yellow. But I know he won't remove it until Thursday. I still have some trapped gas that I am feeling mainly in my lower back. 

I have been extremely tired as well but I know sleep is good for healing. I think my other incisions are starting to heal since they are beginning to itch. He did use regular stitches which I have never had before, so I am nervous about him cutting them out along with the drain which is stitched in too. I am thinking pain med before that appointment will be very helpful! 


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