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Sep 14, 2011

 So, I know you've all been on tenterhooks waiting for my latest update.... riiiiiiiiiiight. here ya go anyway

Mom's visiting, so far she hasn't driven me nuts. She's either behaving better or the Wellbutrin is working
My family and I will be moving into my parents WV house in the spring (they live in NM now but still own the house in WV, we're going to rent it for less than our condo payment and rent out the condo). We'll have 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 downstairs, my brother is moving back from NM to rent the basement from us.
Why are we waiting til Spring might you ask? An excellent question. Mom came home with every intention of booting her current squatter... err tenant who doesn't pay his rent. Got there (I went too) she'd BSed with him for about an hour and then started talking eviction. First is was 40 days, then it was "oh how about November 15th, since that's when i moved in?" followed by "If i start paying you $250 a week starting this week, can I stay until the first of the year?" and she's letting him. I doubt she even told him if he misses a payment he has to leave. Moron. So the house should be vacant at the beginning of the year, so why aren't we moving then? Another excellent question. The house is on a freaking mountain and I am not moving to it in the dead of winter. We get crazy amounts of snow. Considering I lived there (off and on) for 16 years I know first hand how bad winter can be. So we'll wait. Dad will come home and install an alarm system in the house for the time the house is sitting empty. On non-craptastic weekends we will likely be at the house prepping for our move, getting crap out of our condo and the like. I need to put to mom the suggestion that she let my brother move back at the first of the year so that the house doesn't sit empty.
So with this new home, I get to start thinking about having our second and final kid (yay!) Very excited about that.

I've hit my new lowest weight at 125, that's exciting. Unfortunately, I hit that weight due to the fact that antibiotics now make me ill. never experienced nausea with those before. Why was I on antibiotics you ask? Didn't I have surgery to get healthier? I did, but now I get new and exciting (extreme sarcasm) health concerns. Three weeks ago i discovered I had a Bartholin's cyst. It's a cyst inside the wall of the vagina generally the size of a pea. Mine was the size of a Jumbo egg. They stabbed me and cut in places that have no business ever getting stabbed or cut. The cyst made it very painful for me to sit down. Five days after they drained it, it came back, same size, a little further back, sitting was now impossible. So I went in, they drained it again and put a catheter in it so it wouldn't close. I had that in for two weeks and just got it out yesterday. Now I have to clean the hole it left behind with a q-tip and peroxide! Will the torture ever end???? I don't even know when I can have sex again. three and a half weeks without is driving me nuts.
So I was wearing size 5 undies up until recently, now they hang off my butt, makes me constantly worried I'm going to lose them. I searched for size 4 and the selection was suckalicious. So now I own sz 16 undies, from the kids department. i don't know how i feel about that. They are solid colors and some patterns, so don't you fret about me wearing Hannah Montana or Barbie, though I'd totally wear some My Little Pony or Rainbow Brite if I found them ;)
Last week was pretty crazy, the house was on Tuesday, when I got home we ended up having to take our 17 year old cat to be put down (she wasn't getting up and my husband was spoon feeding her). That loss was terrible and it was the first time either of us were forced to put an animal down (parents always took care of it before). So I'm finally feeling less like I murdered an innocent child, but I still miss her. Our other cat is apparently the one peeing blood. i hope we don't lose her too.
Thursday was my cousins bachelorette party, and that was awesome, Friday i took off work to help prep for the big backyard wedding (I mostly was in charge of flowers, procuring pots upon pots of mum, covering the pots with shiny foil paper, tying on ribbons, and putting together he throw away bouquet.) the night ended with a crab feast. DS does not care for crabs and kept trying to leave the table. Saturday was the wedding and it was beautiful, the rain finally stopped for my cousin and I was so happy. Sunday I cleaned pretty intensely, Monday DH and I went to Baltimore to see Within Temptation (be very jealous) and even though Sharon was losing her voice, the performance was still pretty spectacular.
Today I finally went back to the gym (avoided it during the time of the cyst since most of the machines you sit on) and plan to start going back as regularly as I did before this came up.

Well, I think that's everything. DH and I still have one more grocery store to hit and we are planning to do that tonight, so  should probably go see if he's ready...


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