The Difference A Year Can Make

Sep 14, 2011

 Holy Crap! I just got weighed and measured at the gym. They also gave me my results from a year ago and the difference a year has made is unbelievable, if I wasn’t living in this body I wouldn’t believe it to be possible. I think I’m still in shock, but I’ll push through it and tell you what I’ve accomplished.

I had my gastric bypass 7/19/2010, I started going to Curve’s September 22, 2010 (might have been a week earlier, I had a pass) I used to go 5 days a week, I still strive for that, but I took 3 weeks off to deal with my medical issue and still these be the measurements. I’ve also stopped doing Zumba in the Circuit since my instructor got fired, but I bought it for Wii, hopefully I’ll pick that up again soon.

Area                                      9/2010         9/2011           Difference

Bust                                   43”                    35.5”               -7.5”

Waist                                37.75”               28”                  -9.75”

Abdomen (over gut)      41.75”                33.25”             -8.5”

Hips (over butt)               39.75                 34.25              -5.5”

Thigh                                22”                     18.5”                -3.5”

Bicep                                13.25”                10”                   -3.25”

Weight                              190#                  126#                 -64#

BMI                                    31.6                   21.0                   -10.6

Body Fat%                        35.2%               17.8%               -17.4%

Yeah, I’ve lost half of my body fat%, how freaking bizarre is that? I can see it, but seeing the numbers is rather shocking to me. I’m ecstatic over these results, really I am. Curve’s did for me what I needed it to do my first year out from surgery. Now that my contract is up, I’m just going month to month. I’ll start looking for another gym with more options/variety after I move, because I’m getting bored with the circuit. Zumba was helping alleviate that boredom, but no one makes me sweat like Britt did (and no one will give me free classes as she did either).

Now then, I know yesterday I said I weighed 125, but that’s nekkid, first thing in the morning after I pee and before I shower or drink anything. This weight was done on a scale that’s a few pounds over, and I was wearing clothes, and I’d showered, AND had some protein shake in me. Now I’m curious what my actual first weight of the day is, I’ll have to check tomorrow and let you know.


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