Wow what a year 2008 has been....a year of change.

Dec 30, 2008

  I haven't blogged in quite sometime and thought it would be good to jot some thoughts down.  Tomorrow is New Years Eve 2008 and also my five year wedding anniversary.  Last New Year's my husband and I went to the casino and had the New Year's buffet....OMG it was so good.  They had every fancy thing imaginable and the dessert choices were to die for...and probably if I hadn't had the surgery it would eventually be to die for.  We were in a food coma and could hardly communicate afterwards...You know we had to get our monies worth.  I have to admit it was fun....but I don't miss that which is good.  My one year anniversary is next month on the 23rd and it is really hard to believe.  I have been successful but have cheated along the way and want to get back to be better about my band and health.  I want 2009 to be another good year of change and increased excercise and not one of broken resolutions.  I want to lose 25 pounds be the start of soccer season which is April 1, I want to build a better relationship between God and myself and learn more about the bible and its history.  I want to stop spending money on lottery tickets unless the state of michigan can guarantee me a huge likely).  I got on the scale today and lost 2 pounds....woo-hoo.  I couldn't believe it with the holidays and all.  I have been stuck at 165 for quite sometime and now I was down to 162.2!!  So that is a total of 80 pounds since last December.  It sometimes feels wow I can wear the normal-average american woman size and below and shop at "normal" stores.  I just feel like I am going to wake up and it will be it has been a dream.  So I must focus on the future of maintaining and benefiting from a healthy lifestyle.  It is hard because with three kids and an overweight husband who loves food and not is really hard to cook separate.  I have tried to incorporate as many healthy choices as possible without them knowing but somehow they find out and say....yuck mom not whole wheat pasta and turkey burger!!  Well I will just keep trying to enhance their palates I guess.  Being married is know when you are working at your job you are given a duty list of expectations but when you become a wife...what does that mean??  So with your co-workers you can communicate and delegate the work load etc and laught and have fun...but with your husband it for some reason can become difficult and time consuming....a huge dreadful task!!   Their is no manual on how to be a just enter into as a 90 day probation period and hope all goes well for the  So that sometimes increase my stressful eating appetite.....and then the bills, the expenses of increased living....phew...I know people out there can relate to that.  So I feel better about unloading and I am really going to make a conscious effort to excercise and healthier eating...oh an yoga perhaps to lessen my  Happy New Year to all!!!   

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