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Dec 21, 2006

well, i went to a wedding in california last sick before i went and have been sick with a crappy sinus infection and fluid in my ears ever since, i took one week off from the gym...but honestly i still don't feel real well so yesterday my workout was at home...tonite i am gonna go to a class at the Y called resist a ball..i have gone one time before and it is a really good core strengthening class...maybe i will walk a few afterwards, i have cramps today so it usually helps a little bit...

some thingsi have noticed recently..i eat fruit a lot more often, and i really enjoy eating fruit, it is so healthy for my body...i drink water and decaf tea a lot and miss it when i don't get my daily quota...

one day i look in the mirror and think, wow, you look great and the next day i glance and worry i have gained a pound...i am sure that is i just tell my head that it is all ok...

i am excited for christmas this year...a new thing for me...i usually dread any holiday, simply cause all the effort to do things physically was too much for me in the past..but not anymore...move over rover cause i can move fast and i do..

four more to go...

Nov 15, 2006

I am officially at 164.  I have been losing quickly lately...seems my stall that lasted over a month is over and now I only have four more pounds to lose till I reach my blessed goal.

I am continuing my workouts..and enjoying the exercise.  I burn about 750 calories per workout and within the last month added circuit training and weights to my routine.  It has been fun and challenging.  I also try to focus on stretching before and after workouts.  It seems to improve my flexibility and I am almost never sore after a hard workout.  

I started out at 2.5 on the treadmill..

I now can walk 4.3 on an incline of 7.0  that is a huge difference in a little over a year.  

I do the ellitpical for 45 minutes and can do a mile in about 10:30.  It feels great as I want to train to run a 5K next year.  

On average I do about 5.5 miles a day.  

Life is good. 

living life

Nov 09, 2006

I am at 166 as of Tuesday...I am so super excited...I can't find my measuring tape to do new measurements...darn thing up and walked away.

I have been researching a proper diet for a couple of days.  It seems to be about where I am at already.  Although I of course have a greater percentage of calories that are protein. 

I am leaving on the 20th for a trip to my best friends wedding the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I am so excited.  My dress comes on Monday so I am anxious to see how much it needs altered.  I haven't had a vaction in 5 long years.  I am gonna let my hair down and have fun.

into the 160's....whippeee

Oct 23, 2006

Hey all..

Made it to 169 today...a loss the past two weeks of five pounds...this week I lost 1.2 lbs...good thing I am finally nine pounds away from my doctor's goal.  It is so I went out to lunch and did well...enjoyed a salad and some chicken and tortellini...a small amount though.  I sure enjoy food a lot more than I ever did a few years ago..


october 17 2006

Oct 16, 2006

hey all..

I finally got past the stall I was on for a month.  I am just mere ounces away from the 160' goal is 160 and I originally wanted to be there by my one year post op surgiversary...but I am not gonna sweat that at this point.  

I currently weigh 170.  It feels great and my body is loving the new me.  I have so much energy and I feel like the energizer bunny most of the time.  i now sleep well and rarely take a nap.  Just too much of life to live.


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into the 160's....whippeee
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