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"I met Dr. Courcoulas at an educational session at Magee Women's Hospital and spoke to her a couple of times before surgery. She has a lot of experience and is very confident and direct. She lays everything out for you so you understand it all. Most post-op is with her staff as she is very busy. They have all been kind and couteous. I least liked that I didn't have more contact with her but I understand she is very busy as people from all over come and have the surgery done with her. They are very thorough about informing you about aftercare. They give you information in a handbook as well as in the hospital orally and in writing. You can call anytime to have questions answered as well. Post-op follow up visits are at 2 weeks, 6 weeks, and every 2 months after that for the first year and you get your b-12 shots at those appointments as well. One other thing I didn't like was when I stated to the pa that I wanted to take adult vitamins and calcium citrate, she seemed resistant because they wanted me on chewables. I explained that I was taking an adult chewable and she was okay with that. Then I asked about chewable calcium citrate and she told me to take caltrate. She insisted it was citrate but it is not. However, they specialize in surgery not vitamins so do your own research there. Dr.Courcoulas talked about all the risks involved but also went over the percentage of complications they have at that hospital and it is extremely minimal. Dr. Courcoulas is extremely competent and has a good bedside manner as well. I would highly recommend her as a surgeon."
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